The Walking Dead: Rick is (unfortunately) back in the Expanded Universe teaser

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AMC unveiled in a teaser the expanded universe of The Walking Dead (help) with no less than four new projects and the return of Rick as a bonus.

The promotional campaign for the grand finale of the seriesThe Walking Deadat his best. The statements of the technicians and big names behind the ultimate project fuse daily. We feel a real desire to create the event (otherwise why communicate so much?) Recently, we were informed that the grand finale will be incredible and more recently, we learned that it was changed at the last moment. So the people in charge want to make it clear to us that they're not here for fun.

If the brave few who have already been through all the spin- off were looking forward to seeing The Walking Dead come to an end once and for all so they wouldn't have to inflict future episodes on themselves, sadly know that was just the beginning. Indeed, AMC has just unveiled a teaser announcing no less than four new series projects, including one of them that will bring Rick back, the great hero of the serial work.

The teaser opens with images that we already know. Sort of retrospectives over the seasons of the most significant moments of the adventures of our heroes with a little pitch in the background and a bit of Rick Grimes as a bonus. After which, it is at the turn of a line from Daryl who asks us to be ready that the announcement reveals its true intentions:the emergence of The Walking Dead Universe.

Four new spin-off projects have therefore been announced to expand the universe brought to the screen by Frank Darabont. The Walking Dead: Dead City, a serial work with Negan and Maggie Greene, opens the ball, followed by Daryl Dixon on the eponymous character and Rick & Michonne< /strong>in which Andrew Lincoln will reprise his role. Finally, the teaser also announces a new season of Fear the Walking Dead.

If we don't yet know in what contexts these different productions will take place, we can still get an idea of ​​where they will fit within this new expanded universe. For example, we know that the six-episode miniseries Rick & Michonne will focus on the duo's romantic relationship.

It is therefore a wave of new programs that is about to land under the leadership of AMC. Enough to make the fans dizzy (if there are still any) who will have to drink and eat for the months … if not the years to come. Moreover, if they have finished salivating, they will be able to revel in the grand finale of The Walking Dead from October 3 on OCS.

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