The Walking Dead season 11: we tell you the grand finale of the series in detail

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After eleven seasons and twelve years of broadcasting, The Walking Dead has just ended… and we tell you the end of the series in detail .

AMC's series started in 2010 and now in 2022 The Walking Dead aired his last episode. An event that fans have been eagerly awaiting after repeated statements to promote it. By the way, Norman Reedus mentioned a final episode where everyone dies.

Then the grand finale was born. Did Norman Reedus tell the truth? While a few reminisced about the show's most defining moments and deaths before turning the page once and for all, some didn't want to inflict the final season on themselves, but still wanted to know. how does it end. And for those few souls, we return in detail to the outcome of The Walking Dead.

Spoilers alert!

As for deaths, we will be surprised (or not) to realize that the actor's statement was inaccurate. There are actually three disappearances. First, that of Jules, devoured by zombies. Luke will then join his wife in the grave, left on the operating table following a failed amputation after having his leg nibbled. Finally, Rosita is bitten from a fall and will die serenely surrounded by the people she loves.

And that's everything for the funeral register. If the episode played with the case of Judith Grimes, she did not succumb to her injuries. Also, Lydia would not have bled to death after her amputation and no survivors perished after the walkers infiltrated Commonwealth. We have therefore seen worse, far from the shock of the start of season 7 and even less from the announced butchery.

Other than that, Milton has been arrested. Death would have been too brief a punishment, so she was incarcerated. After which, a time jump closes the story and we find Ezekiel at the head of Commonwealth, supported by Mercer as lieutenant governor. The group celebrates their victory and Negan and Maggie make peace. Alexandria is also doing well and Daryl and Michonne separately go looking for Rick and they just might find him one day.

Because yes, Rick is not dead. He ran away from the CRM, but he is once again caught by the organization. Despite everything, Rick can't help but smile, his reunion with his family is only a matter of time, but that, the series is careful not to leave it for the spin-off around the duo.

So that's what we can say about this last episode. While the story ends on a hopeful note with appeased heroes, this ending resembles all arc endings recorded so far and it is well known that in this world there is no peace. never lasts. So a happy farewell yes, but for how long?

To find out, you will certainly have to look at the new programs that will be released soon. Moreover, the final episode of The Walking Dead has been available on OCS since November 21, 2022 for anyone who wants to experience it.

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