The Walking Dead: the grand finale was changed at the last moment, according to the showrunner

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As The Walking Dead's ending is about to land, Angela Kang has revealed that the series' grand finale was changed at the last moment .

After eleven seasons, the AMC series started in 2010 is about to bow out (finally). If it is among the most popular titles of the medium, it cannot however claim to sit at the rank of the most qualitative. Despite everything, it is with panache that The Walking Dead hopes to retire (and still happy).

A desire shared by the entire team working on this project. Recently, there are a lot of testimonials that come to try to create the event around the last eight episodes. If the director promised that the grand finale will be incredible, it is now showrunner Angela Kang's turn to come back to the conclusion.

As the screenwriter said in an interview with, the final note that closed the fiction was debated until the last moment in order to propose the best possible ending:

“I will say without spoiler that the final scene that was planned is no longer. I'm not going to dwell on it now, so early in the process, but sometimes, even after shooting things, it changes during post-production. It's a work that evolves over time. »

However, we do not know if said sequence was completely removed during editing or if it simply replaced and still features in the episode. A question that the interviewee hastened to mischievously sidestep:

“I don't know if I should say the same! Let's just say things have changed. »

Well,Angela Kang doesn't give away much information about the events of the grand finale, but clearly does the job of raising the hype of the program's aficionados. Besides, we'll see if the fans will take the bait and be there.

Like her colleague Greg Nicotero, the screenwriter has had a long run with the universe. She embarked on the adventure during season 2 and was part of the writing team to finally become a showrunner since season 9. Ten years of work within this large family whose farewell symbolized by the release of this final season make it emotional. So if you want to honor their work and the sustainability of the show, you can discover all this from October 3 on OCS (at your own risk).

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