The Walking Dead: the grand finale will be “incredible” (but do we really believe it?)

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After eleven seasons, The Walking Dead's grand finale is coming…and apparently it's amazing according to episode director Greg Nicotero.

Since the series landed on AMC in 2010, it has established itself as one of the most popular programs of its generation. The durability of this universe initially developed by Frank Darabont proved to be astonishing until it counted a total of eleven seasons (and we're not even talking about spin-off serial productions and video games).

While the company was lucrative, we cannot say that the quality was always there. The more it went, the more the writing and the coherence of the program regressed and the same was true for our interest. Few are the brave who have inflicted all the seasons of The Walking Dead but only because it's almost the end, we could join them (for science). What's more, Greg Nicotero, the director of the last episode, tickled our curiosity after making a tempting announcement in Empire Magazine:

“I felt the weight of the pressure on me, and I'm proud of what we did. […] Even though the script said “two or three zombies”, I was more like 200 or 300. It's a pretty amazing episode. I put all my heart and soul into it. It was rough. One day, I said to Norman, “Man, if I can do anything, I can do anything. I can direct a Star Wars movie, I can direct anything that gets in my way. “I'm proud of it.”

You will understand, for this final episode, the director saw things in a big way. therefore expects an ambitious finale and we hope that it will live up to it. It has been thirteen years since the show started thenit would be a shame to say goodbye through yet another wet firecracker. This was the case for most of the show, so if we could reward the fans, it would be the least we could do.

< p style="text-align: justify;">Greg Nicotero has confessed to wanting to be in charge of Daryl Dixon's latest adventure. It must be said that there is no one more faithful than the gentleman, he who started as a make-up supervisor until becoming an executive producer of the series to finally direct episodes himself. A loyalty that certainly weighed in the balance to choose the craftsman who will stage this project.

A finale that, we imagine, will not be unemotional, both within the narrative itself and among the fans behind their televisions. So if you want to honor the soap, be aware that the final season lands on OCS from October 3.

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