The Walking Dead: the showrunner is delighted with the death of a character

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The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang gloated over the death of a character. Spoiler alert!

There are several kinds of antagonists or brats on the small and big screen, in literature or in comics. There are those who surprise us with their ambivalence or their charisma and touch us by force of circumstance. Some series fans will refer to Profit's Jim Profit, moviegoers to Little Bill Dagget in Ruthless. And then there are the others, the real villains that we love to hate from Harry Powell (The Night of the Hunter) to Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars.

By sculpting these effigies of evil, the creators not only offer opposition credible to their heroes and heroines, they also use these unusual bastards as cathartic outlets, intended primarily for the public. After eleven seasons and before its finale, The Walking Dead has seen its share of sinister characters with dubious, even revolting actions. Some met a doomed fate, but showrunner Angela Kang has probably never been so satisfied with the death of one of them.

Since its launch, The Walking Dead has piled on the corpses of its protagonists, which has not failed to move or delight the viewer , according to his affection for the victim. But rarely has the loss of a character, namely that of Sebastian, filled everyone so much, starting with Angela Kang as she confided to TV Line:

< p style="text-align: justify;">“We designed the scene with this in mind. It's such garbage in the comics. We thought, oh this could be fun. […]Sometimes you want the character to be… the proper word has to be a beautiful bastard… it's so fun to follow such obnoxious people that you wish you knew how far will go their story. Who doesn't want to see that kind of guy get his face eaten out. »

Thus Sebastian had an unenvious fate, the one he deserved according to Angela Kang and undoubtedly the public. While its final part has just begun, The Walking Dead risks continuing to slaughter at all costs, with its share of spectacular or ridiculous killing. And frankly, it's the first time that it makes us want to relaunch the series.

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