The war against Turkey will be a disaster for Putin — a Russian journalist

Война против Турции может стать для Путина катастрофой, — российский журналист

The war in Syria recently rarely appears in the Ukrainian agenda, while fighting in that part of the globe did not stop even for a moment. In the Syrian military conflict has involved Russia, Turkey, Iran, USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other countries. However, Bashar al-Assad with the help of the Kremlin controls most of the country. The night before Syrian troops attacked a convoy of Turkish military equipment, killing at least three dozen soldiers of the army of Erdogan. Ankara immediately retaliated by destroying Syrian equipment.

Will the Syria deployment of a Third world war? What the outcome of the conflict between Putin and Erdogan? This “fact” said Russian journalist Leonid Radzikhovsky.

Война против Турции может стать для Путина катастрофой, — российский журналист— What do you call a big war? Russia’s war with Turkey? asks Leonid Radzikhovsky.

— Russia, Turkey and Syria. Three States can be involved in a military confrontation. Will not come to the third world?

Well it you throw. Syria is not a country. Syria is a geographical place. There is a gang that came from Iran, is also famous for Hizbollah, there’s Turkish troops. Did not disappear of the gang who hired Saudi Arabia. Continue to fight and vandalize the remains of ISIS. It is not a country. This place of force application.

And Mr. Assad is not the President of any country. It is possible to compare the late Alexander Zakharchenko, or whoever is now in Donetsk? Pushilin? So, Pushilin too, like, President “of the country.” But in that moment, when Donbass will go Russian it will be “no”. So Assad sits entirely on the neck of Russia and Iran. And fighting against him is a hell of different forces, which hate each other.

For example, Turkey and Israel — they fight among themselves. Or Saudi Arabia. The Saudis hate Iran and hate Assad, but in a totally brilliant relations with Turkey. Israel hates Iran, hates Assad and at the same time hates Turkey. Turkey hates Assad hates Israel and is located in a lousy relations with Iran. That is, around Syria, intertwined tangle from countries that hate each other, and some common denominator there.

Massive military collision between Russia and Turkey, in my opinion, impossible. Because it means political disaster for Putin, and Erdogan. It would seem that the war implies winners and losers. One country loses and the other can be lifted. But that’s not true. Russia’s war with Turkey will not bring the victory of Russia over Turkey or Turkey over Russia. This war will end very quickly in some truce, but it killed hundreds of people.

— Including civilians?

— Anyone at all interested in a peaceful people? Who in the world is interested in peace with the Syrians? In Russia or Turkey, someone is suffering? Civilians generally sand. I mean the loss of the soldiers. The Russians killed hundreds. Putin will never forgive. The mantra about saying, “women give birth to the new”, actually sounds like nonsense. If the clashes against Turkey killed hundreds of Russian military, Putin it would be a disaster. When the Donbass killed Russian, it passed unnoticed because it was not military personnel, but it is not clear who the mercenaries or volunteers. They slipped their mouths. It was a hidden war. In Turkey everything is happening quite openly. Mouths then no one can obscure. To hide them would be impossible.

Still the loss of Russia in Turkey was minimal — a hundred people in four years. Died and “vagnerovsky”, but they, again, do not matter. It’s hidden losses. And in the event of a collision with Turkey will die in the real military will be shot down planes.

Well, Putin, of course, Russia won’t forgive the collapse of his policy. In fact his whole foreign policy was based on the fact that, Yes, we fight the “damned Americans”, with the “Pindos”, that Russia is doing bad things, trying to put her on her knees, but we are friends with authoritarian regimes, but also with Turkey, with Iran. And if it turns out that we actually have no one to make friends, and around some enemies, it means a complete collapse of the whole concept of Putin.

The theme of a possible war with Turkey is very unpopular in Russia. However, we say little about it on television. All the time, Putin was engaged in foreign policy, citizens of Russia it is annoying. And he dozanimalis? To it that the Russian on the brink of war with the Turks? This is a great achievement! It is absolutely not clear, why are we even in this stupid Syria got. If there is a war with Turkey, Putin is going to be a disaster that will “stick” only if the Russian troops in the shortest possible time a solemn March will go down in Istanbul.

The full interview with Leonid Radzikhovsky read on the “FACTS” in the coming days.

We will remind, presidents of Russia and Turkey, held telephone talks after fighting in the region of Idlib. Plan a meeting at the highest level.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Erdogan, who may enlist the support of NATO countries, ready for a large-scale war with Putin.

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