Home Sport The Warriors overwhelm the Celtics and even the NBA Finals

The Warriors overwhelm the Celtics and even the NBA Finals

The Warriors overwhelm the Celtics and tie the NBA finals

With wounded pride and many accounts to settle, the Golden The State Warriors pulled caste and destroyed the Boston Celtics in the second game of the NBA final (107-88) that now leave San Francisco with 1-1 and everything to decide .

This time the face went to Golden State, which was recovered from the disappointment of the first duel and that this Sunday he showed off in a superb third quarter of 35-14 that left secured their victory (in the last quarter they won by 29).

Stephen Curry (29 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists) was the best of some Warriors in which a < strong>Jordan Poole recovered (17 points) but Klay Thompson is still gray (11 points on 4 of 19 shooting).

With chiaroscuros in attack (45.3% in field goals), the Warriors grew from the rage and intensity in defense of Draymond Green (9 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists) and Kevon Looney (12 points and 7 rebounds).

On the Boston side, Jayson Tatum (28 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists) was the top scorer but only Jaylen Brown scored him. a hand on offense (17 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists).

In a sad collective performance of the Celtics (37.5% shooting from the field and 19 turnovers), Al Horford (2 points and 8 rebounds) and Marcus Smart(2 points and 5 assists) were far from the high level they showed in the first game.

Anarchy in the Bay

An overwhelming exit from the < strong>Warriors, but the one who dominated the starter was Brown. With 9 points in two and a half minutes, Brown bragged. of marksmanship and led a powerful staging by the Celtics (11-16 with 6.47 on the clock).

Somewhat hasty and with Green shaking up the game for better and for worse (he took a technical in the opening quarter), Golden State received with open arms the return of Payton, who hadn't played since the breakup of the match. Tatum took the elbow on a controversial foul by Brooks in the series against the Memphis Grizzlies. Brown's relief (13 points each in the first quarter), but the Warriors They closed the quarter ahead taking advantage of Curry's explosiveness and the 7 turnovers of the Celtics (31-30).

As in the first game,< strong> Thompson and Poole remained very uncomfortable, exuded frustration and could not find their rhythm.

At the antipodes was White, who extended his stupendous form with 5 straight points to propel Boston (35-40 with 6.57 at halftime). This effect, since the Warriors got up with a 10-0 run, becoming strong in defense plus transition (45-40 with 4.52 to go).

< p>The first part was anarchic and full of contrasts, clumsy and rough, with streaks for some and for others, and there was even a hint of anger between Brown and Green.

Without any group capable of raising their voices, the Warriors went to the locker room ahead (52-50) against some fabulous Celtics from the perimeter (10 of 19) and with a great Tatum (21 points with 5 triples) but terrible in ball handling (11 turnovers).

Local dynamite

Ime Udoka recalled in the preview that Golden State is an expert in blowing up games in the third quarter and insisted in which the Celtics had to face the resumption at full throttle.His words fell on deaf ears.

A fantastic partial of 13-2 catapult & oacute; to the Warriors, voracious in defense with Looney forward, more dynamic in ball movement and with Thompson sticking his head out a bit (65-54 with 7.34 to play). There was no sign of reaction in the Celtics, very disconnected and in which Tatum had been left to his own devices.

Instead, the Warriors seemed increasingly convinced that this was their moment, first with two triples in a row from Curry and then with another two from a missing until then Poole, which closed the fourth in an euphoric way with a spectacular shot from midfield.

On a similar level to the thrashing of the Celtics in the last quarter of the first game (16-40), the third set tonight was an exhibition by the Warriors: 35-14 for a +23 (87-64) which was the biggest advantage of the duel so far .

Boston's comeback demanded something close to a miracle, but a 6-0 start for the Warriors sealed the victory. the local victory and opened the door for the two teams to reserve their stars before traveling to Boston, which will host on Wednesday the third match and on Friday the fourth of this final.

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