The warthog accidentally came across the pride – just look at this lightning reaction


November 16, 2019, 13:12 | Animals

An unexpected encounter between a fearless African warthog and sleeping lionesses.

The warthog accidentally came across pride — just look at this lightning reaction

Warthogs are cute creatures that often become food for predators. In the interesting video presented in today's material, the warthog did not expect to come across a whole pride of sleeping lions, informs Ukr.Media.

Although these even-toed animals belong to the pig family, they are nevertheless quite different from them. These African animals are omnivores, but they cannot be called complete vegetarians: they often eat the eggs of other animals or even carrion. But at the same time, they cannot live without grass, which is the basis of their diet. When warthogs first appeared in zoos, logically, they were given the same food as pigs and wild boars, but the animals died from it. After some time, when zoologists realized that warthogs should be fed with grass, the animals cheered up and even began to reproduce actively.

Scientists observing the behavior of these animals are surprised by how well pigs treat each other. Warthogs are real humanists. They have powerful weapons – sharp fangs that can hit even a lion, but even ungulates never use them against their relative during the battle for the female. When the rut comes, the warthogs fight like rams do, bumping their foreheads. Meanwhile, their fangs can reach from 30 to 60 centimeters in length, making these African pigs not just wild and fearful animals.

They like to dig holes for themselves, which is not typical for ordinary pigs. Warthogs often complete burrows left by other animals — more often by porcupines. Females have more housing, because the offspring still have to fit there. These ungulates like to sleep on their laps in the house, and generally spend half of their life on their knees, eating grass in this position.

Warthogs are one of the best runners in the savannah: their speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour. That is why it is difficult for lions to catch these animals. But the guinea pig cannot run for so long, it is important for her to know that she is moving towards a hole or towards thick thickets of bushes. In this video, the warthog and the lions were startled by surprise when they saw each other.


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