The water in the river of Canada was painted in blood red, scaring the locals (video)

Вода в реке Канады окрасилась в кроваво-красный цвет, напугав местных жителей (видео)

In the canadian province of Ontario, near the city of MISSISSAUGA, the water in the local river Etobicoke Creek was painted in blood red, scaring local residents. In social networks where the spread of the video, some have considered it an ominous sign of the approaching end of the world. Someone quoted from the Bible where it talks about the seven bowls of wrath: “and the Third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood.”

However, according to the CBC, revealed that in fact the nearby factory accident. And the river spilled about 400 litres of red ink. The Ministry of environment aware of the situation and is working on water purification.

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