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This pearl of the French coast boasts mild temperatures and many hours of sunshine all year round thanks to its beautiful surroundings. its unique micro-climate.

While France is experiencing numerous episodes of disruption despite the When summer arrives soon, you're ready to go. looking for a preserved place bad weather, where the amount of sunshine is the greatest. If at first glance, the south of France immediately comes to mind; mind, other places in France nevertheless benefit from climatic favors of their own. These microclimates result from a particular topography in a very small geographic region, and are significantly different from the climate of the surrounding area. They are most often caused by variations in landscape such as mountains, forests, bodies of water or cover particular plant. 

In France, there is a unique place shaped like this. by the winds, sand, tides but also fishing and oyster farming, which displays, thanks to the presence of a very specific microclimate, mild and pleasant temperatures all year round. Gigantic dunes, lots and sandbanks, parks & oysters, marshes planted with reed beds… this well-known Gironde basin extends over meadows Its 80 kilometers of coastline, in the heart of the Landes de Gascogne forest massif. The area is located near the city center. only 50 kilometers from Bordeaux, you guessed it! ? This is, of course, the Arcachon Basin!

The weather is always nice and sunny, it's the best micro-climate in France

The tchanqué huts of the Arcachon basin. © emanelda – stock.adobe.com

In addition to benefiting from a sublime landscape, this small inland sea of ​​155 km² à high tide and 40km² à low tide, open to the Atlantic Ocean and backed by the sea. a pine forest, is located near the village. sheltered from cool, humid winds. Over the entire year, its maximum temperature is on average 19°C. In spring, the temperature fluctuates pleasantly between 11°C and 18°C, then reaches a maximum of 26°C in spring. #39;ésummeré, éescaping & heat wave. In winter, temperatures rarely drop below 10°C. The best time to go there, however, is in August and September. 

The Arcachon Bay is therefore a destination of choice for those who wish to enjoy mild weather. nbsp;Throughout the year. We go there with family or friends to discover, in the middle of basin,  bird island with tilted huts, a refuge for migratory birds and sea wolves,  seaside villages& fishermen all around, on the Cap Ferret peninsula, its splendid fine sandy beaches, and of course, the famous ;eacute;brissime Dune du Pilat, the highest sand dune in Europe, which we will climb to the top to admire a unique panorama of the basin.

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