The Webb Space Telescope has discovered a terrifying galactic whirlpool: what is it (photo)


    The Webb Space Telescope has discovered a terrifying galactic whirlpool: what is it (photo)

    Using a new image, you can get a completely different idea of ​​u200bu200bthe famous space object.

    The Webb Space Telescope has been fully operational for a week now and creates more and more images of distant objects in the Universe. A new image sent back to Earth by the telescope shows a monstrous purple whirlpool. It looks a lot like footage from some blockbuster sci-fi movie, but it's actually a mid-infrared image of the famous spiral galaxy NGC 628 or M 74, which lies in the constellation Pisces, 35 million light-years away, according to the Independent.< /p>

    NASA has already placed a new image in its archive of data obtained by the Webb Space Telescope, but this image was shared on Twitter by astronomer Gabriel Brammer from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Image of a distant spiral galaxy, diameter which is estimated at 47.5 thousand light years (the diameter of the Milky Way for comparison is 100 thousand light years), has already been made by the Hubble Space Telescope.

     The Webb Space Telescope has discovered a terrifying galactic whirlpool: what is it (photo)

    According to Brammer, our Milky Way galaxy most likely looks the same as NGC 628. The new image shows the aftermath of supernova explosions, the formation of new stars, and most importantly, the new image is a more detailed image of the known galaxy.

    “What Hubble showed us is very different from the Webb image. The Hubble image shows blue supergiant stars and red giant stars, you can see spiral arms and dust lanes. But this is not at all the monstrous whirlpool that is really impressive. This is a new view of this galaxy,” says Brammer.

    The filaments of dust and gas, which stand out reddish-brown in the image, are blocking the light of other stars, Brammer said, although some are still visible. This image shows the dust itself, which produces the radiation. That is, this image is more of the interstellar dust and gas that fill the galaxy.

    The Webb Space Telescope discovered a terrifying galactic whirlpool: what is it (photo)

    “When “I first saw this image, the first thing that came to my mind was a great desire to share this image with everyone. This is an amazing image, and I think it can impress everyone,” says Brammer.

    According to Brammer , scientists have been waiting for many years for the Webb Space Telescope to go into space and another six months have passed in anticipation of when it will present the first full-fledged scientific images. As Focus already wrote, this happened on July 12, when NASA showed several new images of known space objects.


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