The weekend weather forecast is not optimistic. IMGW warns against leaving home

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The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issues an urgent alert for the weekend.

 Weekend weather forecast is not optimistic. IMGW warns against leaving the house

As reported by Super Express, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued an urgent warning about the weather conditions that they have appear during the next weekend, 17 & ndash; September 18.

Weekend trips in the open air can end up with a spoiled mood

As it turns out, meteorologists do not have good news about the weather forecast for the next few days. Unfortunately, strong gusts of wind and intense rainfall in some places will continue throughout the weekend. Additionally, weather forecasters forecast that in the mountainous areas of our country, snowfall is also expected.

According to the forecasts for the upcoming weekend days, all Polish residents who have planned any outdoor activities or outdoor trips will be very disappointed.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that after quite clear days, a lot of cloud cover, temperature drop and heavy rainfall along with strong, gusty gusts of wind.

Małopolska should expect a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius, while the Carpathian Foothills only 17 degrees Celsius. The area of ​​the mountain valleys will be even cooler, as there mercury columns will only reach 13 degrees Celsius.

Sunday will bring showers in some places, south-east Poland can expect up to 12 degrees Celsius, in p & oacute; In the northern part of the country, residents can feel 17 degrees Celsius, the area of ​​mountain valleys and 10 degrees Celsius. The wind can blow at a speed of 60 km per hour.

In such difficult weather conditions, IMWM recommends staying at home, if possible, so as not to be exposed to the dangers of strong gusts of wind.

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