The weight of an SUV. “Dead” NASA spacecraft will soon fall to Earth: what is known

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  • The weight of an SUV.

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  • The weight of an SUV.

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  • The weight of an SUV.


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  • The weight of an SUV.

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  • The weight of an SUV.

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Weight from SUV

According to scientists, an object weighing almost 2.5 tons will “dive” into the planet's atmosphere.

January, a NASA satellite called ERBS, which has already failed, will fall to Earth, writes Space.

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According to the forecasts of scientists from NASA, the ERBS satellite, which was launched into space back in 1984, will fall to Earth on the night of Monday, January 9, at about 1:40 Kyiv time. But this is only an approximate time, because this spacecraft can enter the Earth's atmosphere a few hours later.

NASA believes that the satellite, which weighs almost 2.5 tons, should burn up in the atmosphere, but some of its components will survive the entry into the Earth's atmosphere and fall to the surface of the planet. But scientists say the risk of these elements harming anyone is very small, about 1 in 9,400.

The ERBS spacecraft has been in space for 38 years, although it ceased its scientific activity in 2005. With the help of its instruments, the satellite studied the process of absorption and reflection of solar energy by the Earth.

The weight of an SUV.

The weight of an SUV. The

Initially, the mission was designed for only 2 years, but it turned out that the satellite was able to work for 21 years, after which it finally failed. For the past 17 years, the ERBS satellite has circled the Earth in the form of space debris, which the planet's gravity gradually pulled towards the Earth.

This deadly fall on the planet once again reminds us that the near-Earth planet is filled with a huge amount of space debris, which more and more threatens to fall to Earth. And such debris, according to scientists, will become even more, because in recent years, a huge number of satellites have been launched into space.

The most significant fall of space debris on Earth in recent months can be called the fall of debris from a Chinese space rocket ” Long March 5B” last November. As Focus already wrote, after the rocket delivered the last segment of the Tiangong space station into orbit, it began its uncontrolled fall to Earth. Before that, as Focus already wrote, in July last year, fragments of the same rocket fell in Southeast Asia.

Mostly American launch vehicles, after the payload was launched into space , either descend to the launch pad, or they have a fall controlled from the Earth. But in the case of PRC rockets, the situation is somewhat different, which caused criticism from the international community.

As for other NASA spacecraft, Focus already wrote about new results of a study of the consequences of a DART collision with an asteroid. Among other things, it turned out that the asteroid Dimorph became similar to M&M's.