The Whale: an intriguing first image for Darren Aronofsky's film on obesity


Five years after Mother!, Darren Aronofsky is back with The Whale, which has just unveiled an intriguing first image featuring an unrecognizable Brendan Fraser.

The program of the Venice festival has just fallen and as much to tell you that this 2022 edition is very, very, promising. If unfortunately the two new projects by Wes Anderson are not on the list, the lucky ones in Venice will be able to discover Blonde by Andrew Dominik, Bones & All by Luca Guadagnino , Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling and a host of other highly anticipated films, such as The Whale, directed by Darren Aronofsky.

After showing several of his films in Venice, including Black Swan which according to legend had one of the longest standing ovation at the end of its screening, and having been president of the jury in 2011, Aronofsky will therefore return to Venice to present The Whale, adapted from the play of the same name written by American playwright Damuel D. Hunter. After the mind-blowing and possessed Mother!, Aronofsky promises a return to intimacy witha family drama produced by A24which promises to be poignant.

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In “only” seven feature films and twenty years of career, the American filmmaker has managed to impose his style with films as moving as Requiem for a Dream, as tragic as Black Swan< /strong> but also on a crazy scale, like the very WTF The Fountain and especially the colossal Noah, his fascinating biblical fresco.

In The Whaleworn by Brendan Fraser, Darren Aronofsky will tell the story of Charlie, a 270-kilo man who, after a devastating breakup, decides to reconnect with his 17-year-old teenager, played by Sadie Sink, the incredible Max in Stranger Things. Depressed, the man suffers from uncontrolled binge eating syndrome, an eating disorder that causes him to eat astronomical amounts of food. The actor of The Mummy and Journey to the Center of the Earth is thus unrecognizable in this first image of the film.

Covered in prosthetics and lots of makeup, < strong>Brendan Fraser could give us an unforgettable performance, like those of Natalie Portman or Jennifer Lawrence in two of Aronofsky's most beautiful and heartbreaking films. If the actor hasn't had the opportunity to prove his talent during his last appearances, he could finally get the attention he deserves thanks to The Whale but also Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese's new film scheduled for 2023, in which he will star alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mother! having been released in theaters in September 2017, just after its presentation in Venice, we can hope that The Whale arrives as quickly, but for the moment no release date has been announced.


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