“The whole world can blaze”: Nebenzia said that the West has brought Europe closer to the “brink of confrontation”

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Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council called the US and EU sanctions “a tool to coerce objectionable and dissenting” and “a hallmark of Western countries.” Meanwhile, the United States is seeking to expel the Russian Federation from the permanent members of the Security Council.

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Vasily Nebenzya, Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council, said that Western countries have brought Europe closer to the “brink of confrontation”, which “could flare up the whole world”. The permanent representative of the Russian Federation said this during his speech at the meeting of the UN Security Council “New guidelines for a reformed multipolarity”.

“Today, the question of the future of the world order is being decided. The fork in the road is clear: either this is an order with one hegemon that establishes rules that are beneficial only to him, or it will be a democratic, multipolar, just, UNocentric world – without blackmail, domination, intimidation of objectionable and neo-colonialism,” he said. Nebenzya.

According to him, the West is allegedly trying to revive the unipolar model of the world under the slogan of “order based on rules.” At the same time, the US and the EU are “imposing” their dividing lines, extending the sphere of influence to more and more new regions, says the Russian permanent representative.

“By elevating NATO's right to expand to the detriment of the principle of indivisibility of security, Western countries have brought the European continent closer to the brink of confrontation, from which the whole world could blaze,” the diplomat commented.

Nebenzya also stressed that the West uses unilateral sanctions as “a tool for coercion of objectionable and dissenting.” At the same time, such measures of pressure, according to the permanent representative of the Russian Federation, have already become the “calling card” of the Western world.

“Conceptually, the 'rules-based order' paints a distorted picture of the world, reducing complex international processes to a primitive formula of confrontation between democracies and authoritarian regimes,” the Russian diplomat added.

Russia's exclusion from the UN Security Council

< p>US congressmen Steven Cohen and Joe Wilson submitted a draft resolution to the House of Representatives of the US Congress calling on President Joe Biden to expel the Russian Federation from among the permanent members of the UN Security Council. Foreign Policy writes about this.

They said that Russia's military aggression and full-scale invasion of Ukraine violated the goals and principles of the UN. The text of the resolution emphasizes that the Russian Federation has committed “flagrant violations” of the charter of the organization, which casts doubt on its right to take a seat in the Security Council.

At the same time, such a resolution is not binding and is only a recommendation for the White at home.

As the publication recalls, the UN Charter does not contain provisions on the exclusion of a permanent member of the Security Council.