The whole world has heard about this operation. Pictures from a medical sensation have just hit the network. The man was playing while he was operated on

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In Rome, an unusual operation was successfully carried out on a playing musician.

 The whole world has heard about this operation. Pictures from a medical sensation have just hit the Internet. The man played when he was operated on

Medicine is progressing rapidly. Still, the effect of m & oacute; zgu leaves many doubts, so doctors are trying to test it in new ways.

Portal & ldquo; o2 & rdquo; reports that recently the experiment was undertaken by specialists from Italy. At the Paideia Hospital in Rome, a head surgery was performed, which is now known all over the world.

A 35-year-old man must have had his brain tumor removed, and as he is a talented musician, it was decided to perform a so-called & ldquo; an operation while awake & rdquo; to make sure that tumor excision does not compromise its neurological functions.

Thus, during the operation, the patient played the saxophone giving the medical team a mini concert. For nine hours, at different times, they played the theme from the movie “Love Story”, as well as the national anthem of Italy. Thanks to the use of new technology, cancer cells were distinguished from healthy tissue.

& ldquo; Any sleepless operation not only allows you to get the maximum result in the removal of pathology, but is a real find. Each time it gives us an insight into the functioning of this fascinating but still in many ways mysterious organ which is m & oacute; zg & rdquo; & ndash; m & oacute; w was the team leader.

Photos from this extraordinary operation have already hit the web, causing admiration all over the world.

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