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The proliferation of connected objects in a home could well harm your home. quality of your internet speed. We explain to you how to proceed to remedy this problem. that.

With the advent of high-speed internet and the evolution of technology, our homes are becoming more and more connected. Whether it's your electric roller shutters, your smart lights or the heating that you can control with your smartphone, connected objects are increasingly invading our homes. However, this type of proliferation would not be without impact on our everyday lives. Several experts in the field suggest that our current routers may not support this massive increase in objects and connections.

Currently, our routers and internet boxes manage a huge amount of data. Whether it's the simple web page you consult on the Internet, it's a simple web page that you're viewing online. through Google or the online game on which you spend your evenings, this information requires a lot of data to be analyzed. manage. Add to; this a large number of connected devices, and you understand that our equipment is in high demand on a daily basis.

If many owners of internet boxes have a large quantity of information available, of available data and compatibility With Wi-Fi 5 technology, this may not be enough very soon. Diego Huertas, architect for the Ikusi company, warns against this. this topic: "The majority Most current Wi-Fi networks do not have sufficient capacity. sufficient to meet your needs the high demand for connections and applications. " The expert therefore suggests that a migration to more recent generations of Equipment is necessary to compensate for this fall.

These transitions are therefore not subject to change. neglect. The company Qualcomm, specializing in the field of mobile technology, notably presented platforms compatible with Wi-Fi 7 earlier this year. The vice president of the company, Rahul Patel, even designated new generations of equipment as "the most important of all in the face of « traffic jams experienced at both through public spaces and homes. Rahul Patel even believes that we will find ourselves in a "critical situation" if our operators do not quickly offer the latest generation equipment.

We therefore advise you to contact your internet operator for information. as for the equipment you own, especially if you have many connected objects in your home. You will be able to ask which generation of Wi-Fi your equipment is capable of managing as well as the maximum frequency supported by it.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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