The Wicker Man: the pagan horror film will have the right to its series

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A new version of the horror classic The Wicker Man is about to see the light of day, and as a series produced by Andy Serkis.

With the revival of folk horror in recent years, it was likely that the old classics would be unearthed one by one. Going back to the roots of the genre, it is Robin Hardy's fantastic The Wicker Man that immediately jumps out at us. Himself adaptation of the novel Ritualby David Pinner, the horror feature film created a standard in its time and whose echoes are still perceptible in recent cinema. His daytime terror and overwhelming sense of unease have been strong inspirations for many works. And now, it could get another remake.

This is not the first time that this little masterpiece of horror has been adapted since in 2006, the version with Nicolas Cage had already failed royally. Other than being a source of endless mockery, Neil LaBute's film should have become a producers' bogeyman and deterred anyone from tackling the 1973 classic. On the other hand, the heirs of The Wicker Man , Midsommar or The Third Day, also proved that we could take all the codes of the first film to make a new reinterpretation< /strong> and refreshing. Hopefully the same can be said for future series.

It was thanks to Deadline that we were able to learn of this impromptu return of The Wicker Man, almost fifty years after Robin Hardy's feature film. It is among others to Andy Serkis that we owe this initiative and Jonathan Cavendish as well as Urban Myth Films (apartment at Studio Canal). A team that makes you want when you know that the two men are, for example, behind the production of Venom 2.

As for the screenplay, it's Howard Overman (who has already worked on Merlin or the series War of the Worlds) who must take care of his writing while waiting for the studios to find an interested broadcaster. According to Overman himself, the series should explore themes of sacrifice, ritual, and superstition, like the original film. However, they should be adapted in a more modern context, according to the same sources.

Pagan terror and sectarian cults are back in strength, even if it's hard to be excited for this particular project. Of course, we don't currently have any release window or other information about The Wicker Man series, whose existence is still embryonic. Another production by Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish, Animal Farm, has been in the making for ten years now. We can therefore take our troubles patiently as to the return of the wicker man to the island of Summerisle.

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