The widow of Emilian Kamiński and his son paid a special tribute to the actor. All before the last farewell to the artist

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The last farewell to Emilian Kamiński is approaching.

Emilian Kamiński's widow and his son paid a special tribute to the actor. Kaminski passed away on December 26, 2022. The artist has been struggling with a serious illness in recent months. Although he had trouble breathing and speaking, he remained professionally active. Today, his relatives and fans pay him the most beautiful tribute.</p><p><strong>Death of Emilian Kamiński</strong></p><p>Information about the death of Emilian Kamiński circulated in the media on Boxing Day. The official announcement stated that the artist died on December 26, 2022 around 7:30. It was confirmed that the artist was seriously ill. Kamiński passed away surrounded by his loved ones in his home in Józefów.</p><p>The actor remained professionally active despite his illness. He not only worked on the set of the film, but above all in his beloved Kamienica Theatre, of which he was the founder and director. After he left, he expressed the wish that his theater would play even when he was no longer in the world.</p><p><p><img decoding=

His last wish was fulfilled. The Kamienica Theater has not suspended performances. Even the wife and sister of the deceased Emilian Kamiński appeared on the stage, who, despite their broken hearts, fulfilled the will of the deceased.

A moving tribute

Homage to the late artist was paid by his son Kajetan and the actor's widow Justyna Sieńczyło. “My father had one rule that he recommended to use in such moments: do not whine, do your thing, enjoy what you have. Father would definitely like you to have fun this evening” – said Kajetan Kamiński .

“Tonight in our theater we celebrate life with a whole range of theatrical emotions. As you wish” – added Sieńczyło.

Last farewell

The last farewell to Emilian Kamiński is to take place on Wednesday, January 4. Funeral ceremonies will begin with the Holy Mass. in the church of Charles Borromeo in Warsaw at 1:00 pm.

The artist's body will rest in Aleja Zasłużonych in Warsaw's Powązki Military Cemetery.

Were you also moved by the words of the son and wife of the late Emilian Kamiński?

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