The winners of “The Voice of Poland” can count on such a win. What does it look like in other talent shows

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What prize can the participants of “The Voice of Poland” count on?

The winners of

< p>According to the portal “Eska”, participants of Polish talent shows can count on a large cash flow, of course, if they manage to win. How much can the winners of the “The Voice of Poland” program count on? How does this issue relate to other talent shows?

How much does the winner of “The Voice of Poland” earn?

The popular saying is that “money doesn't buy happiness”, but it's also no secret that it makes a lot of things easier — even pursuing your passions. This is known to people who try their hand at talent shows, which are associated not only with recognition, but also with a chance to win a lot of money.

The winner of “The Voice of Poland” receives 50,000. PLN, as well as the possibility of signing a record contract with Universal Music Polska. The winner of “Got Talent” can count on a much higher prize. Here the main prize is 300 thousand. zloty.

How does it look like in other programs?

The winner of the “Top Model” program gets a check for 100,000. PLN, and also signs a contract with a modeling agency. It is also on the cover of the “Glamour” magazine. The winners of the “Master Chef” program can count on the same cash prize. In addition, they get the opportunity to publish their own recipe book.

100,000. PLN was also won by the last winner of Hell's Kitchen. In addition, he has the opportunity to complete an internship at Mateusz Gessler's restaurant and introduce his own dish to the menu.

You were surprised by the amount of rewards in the programs described? Which one is the most?

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