The Witcher: the first opinions on the Netflix spin-off The Blood Legacy have fallen

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First reviews for The Witcher: Legacy of Blood, Netflix's spin-off series The Witcher starring Michelle Yeoh, are in.

Can Netflix still save soldier The Witcher ? While the studio CD Projekt Red recently announced the development of a new installment of the famous video game franchise, Netflix must, for its part, manage a major crisis concerning the series dedicated to the work of Andrzej Sapkowski. Indeed, Henry Cavill, interpreter of Geralt of Rivia, will be replaced in The Witcherbecause of Superman.This decision caused quite a stir and the showrunner had to respond to criticism following this announcement.

The showrunner also took the opportunity to bring its support for The Witcher spin-off The Witcher: Legacy of Bloodwhich arrives this December 25 on Netflix. Starring in particular Michelle Yeoh, the series should tell the origins of the world of The Witcher. This is a very enticing program whose feedback was awaited. And precisely, the first opinions on The Witcher: Legacy of Blood have fallen. Press review.

“The Witcher: Legacy of Blood achieves its goal of laying the groundwork for a universe and bringing to life a much-talked-about but rarely explored period of Witcher history. However, it is above all the characters and the few moments they spend together that will remain etched in my memory.

“The Witcher: Legacy of Blood offers a memorable, action-packed look at how the First Witcher and the Conjunction of the Spheres came to be. While the villains and political intrigue surrounding the Golden Empire are less interesting, the series relies on its endearing band of misfits who roam the Continent kicking ass wherever they go. » IGN

“I'm not blinded enough by my love for The Witcher to ignore the flaws of Legacy of Blood. But I can honestly say that this love sparked my interest in his motley crew and I can't say the same for many of the series released this year. From the first time Éile appeared on my screen singing and throwing knives, I wanted to know more about the Alouette. Outstanding characters, great performances, killer action, and – once again – some of the best costumes on TV go a long way to masking structural flaws. Decide

“Ultimately, your enjoyment of The Witcher: Legacy of Blood will depend on your ability to engage with The Witcher universe and your ability to be won over by its botched storylines. Collider

“The Witcher: Legacy of Blood has no time to wonder what makes the unique or meaningful Witcher universe. It's just a confused and thoughtless attempt to release more The Witcher content. » Polygon

“Overall, The Witcher: Legacy of Blood is a disappointing addition to a fledgling franchise, itself trapped in a seemingly precarious situation. The limited series strays from the original material and fails to offer more substance or justify its existence, despite the generous efforts of a talented cast.

“Franchise is the key word here. Given The Witcher's stellar start, Netflix seems determined to make it a sprawling franchise, which means there will likely be more prequels and sequels. They've already planned a replacement for Henry Cavill's departure in season 4. But The Witcher: Legacy of Blood shows the dangers of this policy: the further away from the original material, the easier it is to lose which gives it its unique character. The Verge

These initial reviews, very mixed, certainly underline the relevance of the casting but also regret Netflix's desire to always produce a little more content around a lucrative license, until nausea. The harshest critics mainly criticize The Witcher: Legacy of Blood for not infusing its story with the very essence of the original novels. You'll be able to make up your mind on the subject very soon as The Witcher: Legacy of Blood arrives exclusively on Netflix this December 25, 2022.

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