The Witcher: we tell you everything about those who track Ciri

The Witcher: we tell you all about those who hunt Ciri

In The Witcher, Ciri is hunted by many enemies. Among them, the Wild Hunt, a terrifying group. We tell you all about them!

The end of the first season brought us heart balm with the reunion of Geralt and Ciri. However, the princess is still pursued in the second season of The Witcher. Although she is helped by her protector, many enemies seek to catch her, some of them quite scary. Besides the elves and the army of Nilfgaard, Ciri must also escape fearsome warriors. La Chasse Sauvage, in particular, is far from being a bunch of funny people. We briefly discover her in the final episode, which promises to find her again in season 3.

Where do they come from?

The Wild Hunt are a group of specters, former Aen Elle elves. They are said to be seen mostly in winter, and to herald death and destruction. They are also held responsible for numerous mysterious disappearances and reappearances. In the novels, Ciri comes face to face with the Wild Hunt for the first time when she escapes from Gros Velen. They wear skeletal armor, and travel through time and space. They come from Tir ná Lia and have formed cavalry to invade other worlds and bring back slaves. When they learn the truth about Ciri's origins, they set out to hunt her down.

Eredin Bréacc Glas

This General is chosen by the Elf King Auberon Muircetach to lead the cavalry, then named Dearg Ruadhri, or Red Cavaliers. Eredin Bréacc Glas is a ruthless soldier, also endowed with magical power. He is nicknamed 'Sparrowhawk' by unicorns, and ‘King of the Wild Hunt’by the rest of the world. He is the one who makes the decision to hunt down Ciri when he learns that the Old Blood runs through her veins. He then offers her to choose between giving birth to a child of the Elf King, or being imprisoned. She chooses the first option, but the King is too old. Eredin then gives him an aphrodisiac, but the King dies from it, causing chaos. Ciri takes the opportunity to escape, with the help of the unicorns, but the leader of the Wild Hunt continues to pursue her.


He becomes one of the commanders of the Wild Hunt when Eredin becomes King. His story was not developed in the novels of Andrzej Sapkowski, but rather in the video games The Witcher. In these, the Wild Hunt is involved in a fight at Kaer Morhen. They freeze everyone except Ciri and Vesemir. Imlerith then engages against the Master, which gives free rein to Eredin to catch the princess. When they kill Vesemir, Ciri screams and scares her enemies away. Later, Geralt comes to do justice, in memory of the one who taught him everything.


One of Eredin's trusted men, his story was also developed rather in games. He engages in a duel with Eskel, and nearly kills him, but Ciri intervenes. He is the one who opens the portal that allows them to escape after Vesemir's death.


It is rather in the games that we learn about him, even if the information is rare. When Geralt and Keira Metz arrive at some elf ruins to look for Ciri, they realize the Wild Hunt has been there. Only Nithral remains. Geralt quickly disposes of him before continuing his quest.


One of Eredin's trusted lieutenants, he is in charge of the King of the Wild Hunt's estates during his absences. Ge'els appears in the games, too, and does not appear to be part of Ciri's Hunt.

Voleth Meir

This character only exists in the Netflix series The Witcher. The Immortal Mother is a demon that feeds on pain. If he usually takes the form of an old woman, he can change his appearance. The Voleth Meir were defeated by the first witchers and locked in their hut. However, that didn't stop her from appearing in some people's dreams. She succeeds in doing so with Francesca Findabair, Fringilla and Yennefer, who will free her. The Immortal Mother offered them everything they wanted…at a price. The pain Fringilla feels as a result of her behavior, and the murder of Francesca's child will unleash the demon. She takes possession of Ciri, and it is Yennefer who will offer her life to free the princess. The Voleth Meir will then break free from the sorceress' body to join the Wild Hunt.

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