The woman couldn't believe her eyes when she discovered an unexpected cute guest in a pile of laundry in the barn


August 5, 2022, 18:37 | Animals

The heavy rain flooded the animal's burrow, forcing it to seek shelter.

The woman couldn't believe her eyes when she found an unexpected cute guest in a pile of laundry in the shed

Recently, a resident of Australia went into her shed and heard a soft rustling coming from a pile of rags' i'm in the corner She carefully moved part of the rags and saw a funny round nose and two big brown eyes belonging to a wombat, informs Ukr.Media.

The woman immediately contacted Yolandi Vermaak, the president and founder of Wombat Rescue. And soon she came to inspect the unexpected guest. At first, Yolandi was worried that the wombat would run away, but he calmly sat in place and looked at people with interest.

Vermaak suggested that the animal hid in the barn because it was looking for a dry and warm shelter during a heavy downpour that flooded the wombats' burrows. The founder of Wombat Rescue asked the woman who found the animal to shelter it for a couple of days until the burrows dried out, and she was happy to help.

"This woman made the wombat look warm and dry caves from an old mattress, a few pegs and a blanket. He really liked it and he felt good and slept soundly for several days,' said Yolandi Vermaak.

< p>Later, Yolandi noticed that the Australian's shaggy guest had scabies and began to treat him. The beast was glad to get the help it needed. After his hole dried up, he returned home safely.


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