The woman quit her job and found a new vocation, now she earns a living by communicating with fairies


August 11, 2019, 12:49 | Business

Forty-year-old woman left the office so as not to die of boredom.

Woman quit her job and found a new calling, now she earns a living by communicating with fairies

At the age of forty, a woman from Great Britain realized that she could no longer work in an office. Instead, she decided to devote her time to what she loves most: nature and folklore. Moreover, she managed to turn it into a real profession, informs Ukr.Media.

Claire Casely is 46 years old and lives in Devon, South West England. Until 2013, the woman climbed the career ladder, and then she realized how unhappy her daily routine work in the office was.

After resigning, Claire chose a completely different field of activity. She remembered her childhood love for nature and fairy tales and decided to study meditation and become a spiritual mentor.

In an interview, the woman said that she has loved folklore stories about fairies since childhood. And, no matter how strange it sounds, she decided to connect her life after her release with them.

For me, the fairy kingdom represents joy and escape from a troubled world. I teach people about mystical stories to develop their imagination and love of nature, to give them some clarity about what they want from life.

As a child, Claire often wandered around Dartmoor National Park, and it was there her love for plants and animals began. At the same time, she got acquainted with local legends about pixies, fairies, witches and ghosts.

The woman quit her job and found a new vocation, now she makes a living communicating with fairies

But despite her love for myths and fairy tales, Claire grew up and decided to build a career in the corporate world, working as a personal assistant in a noisy office. Until she realized that she could no longer exist in a world of stress. She began to experience professional burnout. After recovering from him, Claire decided to devote her life to helping other people who were in such a situation.

So the woman remembered the fairies again: now they no longer look like tiny cute creatures to her. But she sees their faces in everything that surrounds her.

I post a lot of photos on Instagram of what I see during my morning walks. For example, patterns of bark and leaves that resemble faces.

Photos like this are a way to engage an audience, as people like to discuss with Claire what they see in the images.< /p>

I leave that up to the people. I wonder how they interpret the pictures and how they see the same faces. Fairytale folklore is a great creative way to get people interested in nature.

Claire qualified as a personal trainer in 2018 and works with people who feel too much pressure in the corporate environment, as she once did.

The most interesting thing is that the woman really manages to make a living from it. She conducts walks in nature, during which she teaches clients meditation techniques, tells myths and legends and suggests looking for something magical along the way.

I often conduct a face-to-face session: I sit with a person among trees and flowers and discuss what his goals are and what he wants out of life.

In addition to mindfulness and meditation, her classes include playing the harp, singing and reading poetry.

When the World Health Organization& #39;I officially included professional burnout in the International Classification of Diseases, Claire finally understood: her new job is meaningful and brings her happiness.

The love of nature has been with me all my life, and I am so glad that now can use it to help others.


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