The work of the restored trams on Queen street (PHOTO)

Работа трамваев восстановлена на улице Queen (ФОТО)

Streetcars return to Queen street today, almost 72 hours after they were withdrawn from the route because of concerns about the damage that was mysteriously inflicted on more than 2 dozen cars.

TTC decided to replace the trams by buses on route 501 and 508 around lunchtime Wednesday after was discovered similar damage affecting the emergency braking system on 25 different low floor trams.

In the last days of TTC they carefully examined the whole route, using a special tram, equipped with cameras in the wheel to look for any debris or problems with the track, which could cause damage.

Although the initial source of the damage remains unclear,TTC was able to determine that there are no current safety issues.

As a result, about 6 o’clock in the morning on Saturday, the TTC announced that Queen Street has resumed full service of trams.

Previously the route ran about 80 buses.

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