The world anxiously awaits the result of the 'midterm' in the United States

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The world anxiously awaits the outcome of the 'midterms' in the United States

The legislative elections in the United States will have an immediate effect on the two years in office that remain for President Joe Biden, but it is possible that their true importance will not be appreciated until the 2024 presidential. And it is that millions of Americans could have planted this Tuesday the seeds of the destruction of their own democratic system, two years after the followers of Donald TrumpThey stormed the Capitol to try to prevent the certification of the victory of Joe Biden. Far from having been a passing delusion, that conspiratorial whirlwind that embraced the The lie of electoral fraud has more water today than then. The Republican bases have not punished the leaders of that unsuccessful coup, quite the contrary. And the democratic world, in clear global decline, has reason to be concerned.

Experts insist that democracy is no longer destroyed from outside the institutions. The marches on Rome and the Africanist military uprisings are black pages from the past. Now the system is being destroyed from within, seizing power at the polls, undermining the separation of powers, strangling the counterweights of civil society > and clouding the credibility in the electoral process. is happening in Hungary and Turkey, in India or Philippines. And in these elections the Republicans have presented 370 candidates who question the legitimacy of Biden, who supported the assault on the Capitol or who signed demands to reverse the electoral result.

They are 62% of all Conservative candidatesto the federal Congress and state positions, according to 'The New York Times'. A full-fledged fifth column called to occupy positions of responsibility in the very institutions in which they have ceased to believe. With the addition that some of them — from state secretaries of state to attorneys general— they will have in their hands the certification of the next presidential elections, to which Trump will almost certainly return. to attend And although these days Brazil is demonstrating that institutions can be stronger than the caudillo who aspires to dismantle them, the anti-democratic drift of the US comes at a particularly dark time for democracy in the world. < /p>

Global decline

It has fallen back to 1989 levels, two years before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. tica, according to a study by the V-Dem Institute, based in Sweden. Only 13% of the world's population currently lives under democratic regimes, which are still alive in 34 countries, eight fewer than existed a decade ago. The bulk of humanity, some 5.4 billion people, lives under autocracies or dictatorships. “The perception that democracy is failing in America creates a permissive environment for would-be autocrats,” Leslie Vinjamuri of Britain's Chatham House think tank recently warned. “It is essential that the US fix its democracy and show the rest of the world that democracy works.”

That is possibly the greatest dangerWhat these elections hide for the shrinking democratic world, which has bad memories of the Trump years, marked by the trade wars with its allies, its skepticism about NATO strong> or his climate denialism. “There is concern,” the director of the German Marshall Fund, Ian Lesser, told 'Politico' this week, referring to the prevailing climate in Brussels. “There is a very vivid awareness of what the Trump years were like and some concern that we might go back to something like that.”

Control over foreign financing

It will not be the same. Because even if the Republicans regain control of Congress or at least one of its chambers, Biden will continue to win. setting the guidelines of foreign policy until the beginning of 2025. that no big changes are expected no matter what happens this Tuesday. Some things, however, yes. could be altered because it is Congress that holds the “power of the purse” or the ability to disburse public funds. Funds such as those that are financing the defense of Ukraine against the Russian invasion >, Now questioned by some Republican leaders. The party is divided on the matter. The trumpist cadres advocate cutting them or, at the very least, increasing their supervision, but they are facing the Reagan current, in favor of doing whatever it takes to defeat Russia.

In Moscow; a conservative victory would be good news, as their television figures have been proclaiming for some time. Trump's admiration for Vladímir Putin, the hidden contacts with his environment or the predicament that the message of the Kremlin has been finding in the universe of sycophants of the former US president. But rapprochement seems anathema as long as the Democrats rule the White House and NATO remains united in its support for Ukraine. 

As for China , nothing ostensibly changed since Biden took office. the power. Beijing was Trump's favorite scapegoat, but his harsh policies have largely remained with the Democrat, who also appears to have given up on reviving the Iran nuclear deal. .