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The world champion experienced a terrible descent into hell after the 2018 World Cup

What has become of Samuel Umtiti since his famous "breaks the approach" face &agrav; Belgium ?

Samuel Umtiti, it's the famous headbutt face à Belgium in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup. But since then, the defender has gone through a difficult period. a real ordeal, with a series of wounds and problems. Kylian Mbappé also paid a nice tribute to the player in a press conference before the match against the Belgians. "TEveryone knew he was injured. I don't forget what he did for the selection. Thank you à him. Afterwards, his seasons were different. difficult, he was not able to play as he would have liked. I know the sacrifice he made, he's a friend"

Because yes, the former OL defender sacrificed his goal. his body for the selection and struggled to achieve his goals. to return to the highest level and in particular to Barça, the club he played through. without leaving a trace. "I went to three or four doctors who told me that I should not have the operation because there was a very high risk. There was a decision to make and that's what I did. My career was at stake. I had one treatment and nothing more. It was hard because things happened afterwards. […] There were things that were done well and others less well. That's why I lost two or three years. That's in the past, it's a very difficult subject for me because I suffered a lot,' he explained to Mundo Deportivo. 'Yes, at the beginning. For a year or two. It was very hard to live with. There were so many lies too. Nobody knew what was going on. And since I don't talk, people talked so ç'it was very hard for me and my family. The lies hurt me. They said I didn't want to listen to the club. No, the decision was taken together."

The rebirth in Lecce

In 2022, the Frenchman is ready to join. in the Italian club and will live again. If he started' the 2022-2023 financial year on the bench (two matches played in ten days after his arrival), the defender ;#39;is ultimately imposed in defense (25 meetings) participating greatly in the game. the mission maintaining its team." Thank you à Lecce for reaching out to me when other teams had doubts. from me, he explained on Instagram. Thank you for your trust. I found a team with values ​​and a mentality exceptional. We had a goal at the start of the season and we achieved it through work. For me, staying in Serie A is like winning a title."

A return to Ligue 1 à Lille

Libéré by his Barça team, the defender launched' in a new challenge with Lille. Unfortunately, the season does not go as planned. The "real" Umtiti's debut with Losc takes place at Rennes on September 16 (2-2, 5th day of Ligue 1). That day, he celebrated his first tenure. Two others will follow face à Ljubljana (2-0 victory, Europa Conference League) then against Reims on September 26. The rest of the season was a roller coaster with a few games played and injuries like the one that forced him to play. have knee surgery in February 2024.

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