The World Cup list: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

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The list of the World Cup: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

The classics of Luis Enrique Martínez will fight for Spain in the World Cup. No surprise came. from the list of 26 players who will travel to Qatar. “I have a macanuda list,” he joked. Luis Enrique, who moments later wanted to convey to the Spanish fans the enthusiasm and optimism that he feels about the event: “There is no better coach than me in the history of football. I am the best coach on the face of the Earth. I believe it, even if it's not true.” 

Luis Enrique wrote a conventional call, without notorious inclusions or controversial exclusions. admitted who only had one doubt until the last minute, and that was whether or not to include Ansu Fati, a footballer “of unquestionable level”; but who has not yet established himself as a regular starter at Barça. “The illusion we have in recovering his best version has influenced,” he said, alluding to the long process that the striker follows to recover his best physical condition after two campaigns in which he chained successes. the long meniscus injury and another muscle injury.

The list of the World Cup: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

Ansu Fati finishes off the Chilean in the Spain-Ukraine match.

Emilio Naranjo

“We're not going to die of fear,” says the technician about the courage that the man will show. the team

Ansu as a summary 

Ansu Fati summarizes the profile of the team chosen by Luis Enrique: a young group (the average age is 25 years old, with eight under 22 years old and seven over 30 years old), full of debutants (20 players they did not participate in the World Cup in Russia) and of marked azulgrana color. Barça is once again the basis of the selection. It has seven representatives (Eric, Alba, Busquets, Gavi, Pedri, Ansu and Ferran), followed by Atlético with three (Koke, Llorente and Morata). Another six teams, including Real Madrid, only contribute two.

Gavi will be the youngest Spanish international in history to participate in a World Cup. Five of the seven youngest in the team, precisely, are from Barça, as are the two oldest. He does not have Xavi in ​​his middle-class squad with his team “under construction” nor to nurture Spain.

The list of the World Cup: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

Eric, Pedri and Gavi, in a training session with the national team.

Rodrigo Jiménez/Efe

Youth, what is the problem?

yes Luis Enrique has it, whose staff is “a very interesting” generational mix. “It is a young team, yes, and what is the problem? Youth gives you the freedom to express yourself more freely”, he valued. That inexperience will allow him to “manage the group” when “the increasingly common faces and gestures” between those who do not play, which is why he has recruited the most faithful and well-known soldiers in order to enjoy a peaceful coexistence.

He also has, at 52 years of age, the influence of his leadership. He has the experience of having participated in three World Cups as a footballer even though he is a debutant coach. Yesterday he remembered of the coaches he had (Javier Clemente and José Antonio Camacho) and evoked & gué; the thoughts he had, being a footballer, towards them. Nothing generous, he came to say. 

The World Cup list: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

Nico Williams poses in Bilbao after hearing about his inclusion in the World Cup list.

Luis Tejido/Efe

Just a memory: to Oyarzabal

He only cared about being summoned and the rest of the issues kept him in the dark. Now he has to calibrate many aspects, especially those related to “the idea of ​​the game” and he does not look at the ages or the international teams. Much less did he want to speak about the absent ones, “which is what is most morbid”. crossed at the knee. Gerard Moreno has also not recovered from his injury in time nor does he have enough filming.

Spain will play against Costa Rica on Thursday, November 23 (5:00 p.m. in Spain), against Germany on Sunday, November 27 (8:00 p.m.) the league with Japan (Thursday, December 1 at 8:00 p.m.). They will be the first three matches of the seven that the team hopes to play until the final. Next Wednesday there will be a friendly in Amman against Jordan as a one-off rehearsal. there will be no time for more.

“No one rules out Spain among the best. It would be ridiculous to be among the favourites, but we are going to fight”

Luis Enrique Martínez/Coach

He did not complain either. of this Luis Enrique, who has in his hands a consolidated group since the European Championship played last summer. 18 players repeat presence. Impossible to change identity. Nor is there the will to do so. 

The World Cup list: Luis Enrique bets on his classics

Morata and Yeemi Pino, in the Spain-Iceland.


A very clear idea

“We have had a very clear idea from the beginning. That idea is still valid and reinforced,” said Luis Enrique, relying on the good obtained results, although he did not mention them, as he did after qualifying for the final four of the League of Nations by beating Portugal. The technician published in social networks a comparative tableHe played with the main teams to highlight that Spain had been the best in the last four competitions.

And that idea consists of trying to control the game from possession of the ball. n, ensure that the game runs in the opponent's half of the field and defend with the line well forward. “We are not going to die of fear, I can guarantee it,” he added, underlining the ambitious spirit that will continue. instilling to go for the result through the initiative in the game. The idea is clearly identifiable with Barça's philosophy. “If that gives the result, it is impossible to predict it,” he admitted, “but my bar is infinite,” he added, by way of of motto.

“No one rules out Spain among the best. It would be ridiculous to be among the favourites, but we are going to fight”, he announced. The only thing that can guarantee.