The worst almost happened. Intoxicated 30-year-old tried to blind the pilot of a flying plane

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A dangerous incident near Warsaw. There may have been an air accident.

 It was close to the worst. The drunk 30-year-old tried to blind the pilot of the flying airplane

Portal & ldquo; Wirtualna Polska & rdquo; states that on Friday it was one step away from the tragedy in Polish aviation. The incident took place in Mościsko near Warsaw.

A two-person training plane flew over the town. As it turns out, the pilot of the machine tried to blind the man playing with the laser.

He directed the beam towards the flying plane. Fortunately, nothing happened, but the 30-year-old will face the consequences of his irresponsible behavior because he was spotted and the whole thing reported to the police.

 It was close to the worst. Intoxicated 30-year-old tried to blind the pilot of the flying plane

The officers who came to intervene immediately noticed that the man was intoxicated. The breathalyzer test showed more than a per mille of alcohol. Ultimately, the 30-year-old was taken to the police station and heard the accusation. According to the criminal code, he may be imprisoned for up to three years for inadvertently bringing the danger of an air traffic crash. The case is handled by the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw-Wola.

The police reminds that directing the laser towards any machine is illegal because it can blind the pilot or the driver and lead to real misfortune.

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