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The Xiaomi 13T Pro pack and its connected watch at only €699, the price of the smartphone on sale.

For the purchase price of the Xiaomi 13T Pro on sale, the brand offers at agrave; its customers a pack including the smartphone and the Watch 2 Pro connected watch. Or 699€ for purchases worth more than €1,100.

Xiaomi has decided to to take the lead a few days of Black Friday. While promotions are eagerly awaited on smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer is hitting hard and especially first with low-cost offers. make the competition fade. The brand does not hesitate to lower the price of its latest products placed on the market; : the Xiaomi 13T Pro smartphone and the Watch 2 Pro connected watch.

The two products are sold together for the sum of 699€ at Darty and Fnac, against €899. It's a big deal. don't miss out since excluding promotion the Xiaomi 13T Pro is sold at a reduced price. €899.90 when the price of the watch rises €269.99; on the manufacturer's website. Purchasing the pack amounts to 100%. equip yourself with two products for less than the price of the phone alone. Even in comparison with promotional offers, the Xiaomi pack remains interesting. The Xiaomi 13T Pro smartphone, alone, is on sale; à 699€ at most resellers, the same price as the pack which includes an additional connected watch.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro pack and its connected watch for only €699, the price of the smartphone sold out

Xiaomi 13T Pro Pack + Watch 2 Pro connected watch

New à from 699.00 €

  • Darty699.00 €See
  • Cdiscount945.72 €See

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The Xiaomi 13T Pro, one of the brand's latest products, is equipped with a very good camera, a very fast charging speed and good performance in relation to its base price. It can compete with certain Samsung or Google Pixel models without difficulty, it is also regularly offered for sale. as a slightly cheaper alternative.

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