The young priest decided to leave the parish. The vicar revealed to the faithful the reason for the decision during the mass. Everyone was speechless. The police showed up at the church

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The parishioners couldn't believe what they were hearing!

 The young priest decided to leave the parish. The vicar revealed to the faithful the reason for his decision during the mass./p></p><p>A moving situation in one of the parishes in the Silesian voivodeship. The 29-year-old priest Artur Sroga during the mass decided to reveal to the faithful why he consciously resigns from his ministry in the parish of St. Our Lady of Fatima in Mysłowice. It turns out that the young curate could not stand up to the parish priest and the day before his decision was made public, he called the police to the rectory!</p><p> The priest was ordained 4 years ago and earlier & ndash; by 2020 & ndash; he served in the church of Tr & oacute; jcy Holy in Ruda Śląska & ndash; Kochłowice. Later he found himself in the parish in Mysłowice and the young clergyman did not cope with everyday life with the local parish priest. What happened that the curate made such a dramatic decision?</p><h2>The young curate officially announced his departure from the parish in Mysłowice, where he served for two years. He explained to the faithful that he could not stand with the parish priest & ldquo; tyrant & rdquo;</h2><p>The priest revealed during the mass that the priest is a tyrant with whom it is impossible to function normally, and the previous vicar was to be completely mentally exhausted after a year, to which Fr. Artur Sroga made reference in his speech. The day before the vicar announced his decision, the police called by him appeared in the presbytery. The young priest was unable to get into the building because he returned late and found the locks replaced! Despite police intervention, no one opened the vicar's door.</p><p>The strange situation in the parish in Mysłowice is under investigation at the Metropolitan Curia of the Katowice Archdiocese. According to the local portal CTMysłowice, the spokesman of the curia, Fr. Dr. Tomasz Wojtal explained that the situation is being investigated by persons assigned to this task, and the curia wants to clarify the matter and resolve the dispute.</p><p> The vicars and the parish priest do not want to comment on the matter in the media.</p><p> <strong > As reported by the portal “Życie News”: </strong> <strong> WONDERFUL DISCOVERY OF RESEARCHERS & Oacute; ABOUT PEOPLE. Nobody expected such a turnover. IS THERE REALLY OUR TRUE HOME </strong></p><p> <strong> Remind yourself: </strong> <strong> A BEAUTIFUL SITUATION AT WEDDING CELEBRATIONS. THE BRIDE BEGAN DURING THE SPECIAL DAY. SHE DECIDED TO COMPLETE THIS CASE </strong></p><p> <strong> Portal “Życie News” also wrote: </strong> <strong> AN EXCEPTIONAL SITUATION TELLED BY A YOUNG MOM TO OTHER PARENTS. C & oacute; WOMAN'S BROKEN SKULL BONE WHILE CHANGING THE NAPLES </strong></p><p> <strong> In recent days we also wrote about: </strong> <strong> VALORISATION OF PENSIONS IN 2023 CAN BE SURPRISINGLY HIGH. SENIORS CAN COUNT FOR A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE. WHAT ARE THE THIRTEENTH AND FOURTEENTH RETIREMENT </strong></p></p>  <script async src=

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