The young singer ILONNA presented a sensual video for the single “Vidtak”

ILONNA is a pop project participants 7 season of the show “Golos KrainyIlona Prosperous. The girl herself has positioned itself as a young singer with a new vision of modern music. “Vidtak“is the third single by Ilona, released in 2019. Previously, she presented the song “Creel” and “Fly on dances“. And recently discography ILONNA replenished with the release of their debut EP which is called “Vidtak“.

Молодая певица ILONNA презентовала чувственный клип на сингл «Відтак»

Mini album incorporates 5 completely different sound and mood of songs ranging from pop-rock (“Creel“) to trendy, alternative, R&B English (To Be Sure). However, the most obvious hit potential here the song “Vidtak” — sensual romantic ballad about the fragility of happiness with minimalist big room house sound. It was filmed a pilot video of the singer.

This song is about parting with a loved one. Wandering in the past, immersed in the feeling of lust, soaking in not only surrounds you with a passion, but a series of events which, poisoning, make your life miserable

Ilona says about his work.

And he adds:

I often hear from women about the problems of temperance and balance. How to cope with their feelings and not to betray myself, to be stronger than a superficial momentary gusts of passion, but stay with a warm heart and cold mind, not shut off from the world, giving people the chance for a healthy relationship.

As the clip was directed by Ilya Gordeev.

After listening to the song “Vidtak”, I saw it as a very personal, intimate. Therefore, the clip decided to reduce everything to minimalism — as she wanders alone in their feelings and experiences. We tortured her, of course, during the filming of… to Be the only character in the clip — not so easy.

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