The zoo started receiving from the population of bats (photo)

Николаевский зоопарк начал прием от населения летучих мышей (фото)

The first “batch” of bats brought to a zoo inhabitants of Nikolaev on November 25. This was announced by the Director of the Nikolaev zoo Vladimir topchy. As you know, the bats usually leave for the winter in caves, cellars, old barns, attics of homes. Sometimes they can be seen on the balconies.

“With the onset of cold weather and the first frost in the zoo people started to bring the bats that had been hidden for the winter not in a very good location. Today brought twenty red vechornytsi. Adorable, little creatures living with us in our houses, decorating the night sky” — wrote Vladimir Topchiy on his page in Facebook.

Николаевский зоопарк начал прием от населения летучих мышей (фото)

Do not disturb their winter sleep. Hibernating bat seems dead, without any signs of life, but it’s worth it to warm up, it comes to life, opens his eyes, spreads its wings and ready to fly again. But it will only be in late spring when the flying insects — their main food.

“If you found a bat, and it bothers you, can you bring it to our zoo. We will save it for warm days of spring. Especially next year, let it not fly, but still a mouse!” — wrote Vladimir topchy.

In the comments users of the social network very warmly responded to a similar campaign of the employees of the zoo.

“Thanks to the people that it is not thrown out the window. And the staff of the zoo thank you.”

“Cute fairies and wizards zoo! Thank you, for what you are doing everything to save the lives of animals, even those who aren’t in the zoo”.

“Many thanks to Your team for a good heart! We were in the first cold spell brought to the zoo bat, Mediterranean, and took with joy. He turned out to be red. People! Be men! Like animals!”

“Thank you to those who give and those who take. Just heat the soul becomes when I see such things!”

It was also reported that under the city of Dnepr volunteers rescued a German shepherd that cruel owner threw in will land at the railway crossing.

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