Therapy for Vinicius: Real Madrid, worried about his 'Neymarisation'

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    Therapy for Vinicius: Real Madrid, concerned about his 'Neymarization'

The first alarm went off. on March 20 of this year. Barcelona was winning (0-1) at the Bernabéu half an hour into the game, at which time Vinicius received the match. He got a ball and stood up. against Ter Stegen.The Brazilian faced The goalkeeper, and with everything in his face to dribble him, he went to the ground falling like a sack before the German, who had not touched him. A strange reaction in the carioca, always more focused on solving the play than looking for the pool. Something even more strange knowing that the cameras would reveal his theatrical maneuver. While Piqu & eacute; He disapproved of the striker's ugly gesture and the VAR confirmed to Munuera that he left & oacute; As he fell, Ancelotti looked at him surprised by the resolution of the move. Something unlike him.

Therapy for Vinicius: Real Madrid, worried about his 'Neymarization'

Araujo separates Vinicius and Ter Stegen after a plunge by the Brazilian in the classic of the last league in Madrid.< /p> Reuters

A couple of summers ago, when Carletto landed at Real Madrid, the Italian took the win. to eat the Brazilian and they talked about his life, his hobbies, his family… treated him Like a son, far from showing him any kind of concern about his problem in making decisions in front of the goalkeepers. “The important thing is to create chances, they will end up getting in”, he encouraged. The technician insisted. in that he took his time to define the plays and that he left the vertigo to dribble past the defenses. Vini got it. and it happened from scoring six goals and providing four assists in the previous season to scoring 22 points and providing 16 assists in the first with Carletto. The qualitative leap was not in his legs, it was in his head. There worked Ancelotti, with the help of Benzema, among others.

An unexpected problem

Everything was going well this year, until a surprising problem arose. an unexpected problem. Vinicius, a big game for rival defenses,  castled more than is recommended in polemics, verbal disputes and extra-sports wars that take him out of the games. A problem that both the coach and the club have detected, and in which they are working to correct it. It has nothing to do with celebrating goals by dancing, something for which he was inopportunely singled out by Koke. The problem is that Vinicius accumulates in 2022 several chapters of rudeness, indecent gestures and words out of context in episodes that have made him leave the games.

The most notorious occurred on September 11, when the whites faced Mallorca. Vinicius lived a hot duel with Maffeo, who showed His side was rougher than the Brazilian, who did not bite. language. The whites won (4-1) coming back from Muriqi's initial goal, and the Majorcan players subsequently denounced that Vinicius lacked the goal. to respect. Several media affirmed that he dedicated words like “do you think you are going to win?” or “¡you are very bad!”. In that game, the cameras recorded Javier Aguirre yelling at his team “¡Hit him!” or “¡Rómpelo!”, words that the technician subtracted. importance, following the old code of “what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch”.

The message from the Mallorca captain

In that same match Vinicius approached He went to the Balearic bench to reproach him for something and even Ancelotti had to intervene yelling at him: "Let's play, Vini, let's play!”. He was not the only one because Kroos and Nacho also tried to stop him in the protests. The Brazilian was beside himself. When Benzema scored the second, the carioca turned around. He turned to Maffeo and pointed to him. with the fingers a two in an ugly gesture. Days later, the Balearic captain, Raíllo, sent him a message in an interview in the Diario de Mallorca, edited by Prensa Ibérica, as well as this newspaper: “Vinicius to dance, but not to be absent, not to insult and not belittle fellow professionals. Then when he is called a provocateur he uses the joker of racism & rdquor ;.

That set off alarms at the white club because the season had only just begun and the Brazilian had already become a protagonist for extra-sports reasons that could distract him after a dazzling previous season. Madrid has been working with him for some time so that he does not enter into the provocations or attend to the disqualifications with which his rivals challenge him. Companions, coaches and even club psychologists work with him. ;l to create attention routines that allow him to withdraw in those situations and remain focused on the game.

Avoid greater evils

Ancelotti told him about it. openly in training in front of his teammates: “They're going to get the red card for you, don't fuck with me. Do not even think of falling into any & rdquor ;. That is why in the last few months whenever there is a foul or a play in which he is The Brazilian, Modric, Kroos, Benzema or some of the players who have stripes are involved here. It also includes people like Nacho or Alaba, they come quickly to avoid greater evils.

On October 2, three weeks after the clash with Mallorca, Madrid received in Chamartín to a hard-legged team: Osasuna. The rojillos did not spare an ounce of aggressiveness to stop the whites and Vinicius returned to be in the eye of the hurricane. The winger, very active in the first half, had clashes with Nacho Vidal, Unai García, Lucas Torró; and David Garcia. Rods that crowned waving goodbye to central player David García when he was sent off after seeing the second yellow card. The game ended It was a draw and the Brazilian was losing prominence in the game as his list of enemies on the field increased.

Therapy for Vinicius: Real Madrid, worried about his 'Neymarization'

< p>Vinicius and Sevilla player Montiel, in a match at the Santiago Bernabéu in November 2021.


This ‘Neymarization’ de Vinicius is concerned at Madrid, who want to recover the best version of the winger, the one that has led him to be included among the ten best players in the Ballon d'Or election. rows around the player when it was attempted to stigmatize for celebrating goals by dancing,something he has always done against any rival and on all stages. An artificial controversy that was also attempted to splatter with racist overtones. Now Real Madrid has been working for weeks so that Vini recovers the path of last season and does not lose focus. The club knows that he is vulnerable and wants to prevent that profile from emerging from which there was some outbreak in his first stage at Castilla. In a derby of affiliates against Atlético, the Brazilian ended up winning. He was bitten by the rival captain after an alleged provocation by Vini in which he despised another adversary by asking: “¿You? How much do you charge?”.

In these cases, it is best to go to Ancelotti, one of the most knowledgeable men on the football scene, and one of the ‘culprits’ of the player's explosion. “Vinicius is a special player. Because of how he plays, sometimes it can happen that the rival gets angry. You have to understand that he always tries to dribble, whether his team wins or he is losing. Sometimes that can make the opponent a little more angry than usual, but these are things that happen in football. With experience will go learning little by little. for me he plays with the quality and the joy he has”, he pointed out. the Italian asked about Vinicius's way of playing, whom the club wants to prevent from becoming 'neymarized'.