There are 8 things in the world that money cannot buy


December 14, 2020, 22:36 | Business

Not even the richest man can afford them.

There are 8 things in the world, which money cannot buy

"Money has never made a person happier, and never will. The more of them a person has, the more he wants. But instead of filling a vacuum, she creates it for herself,'' Benjamin Franklin informs Ukr.Media.

Money can't buy happiness, but there's nothing wrong with money either. No one consciously aspires to live in poverty. Many of the wealthy individuals worked hard to achieve success.

Problems arise when money becomes the main priority in life. In other words, when a person strives to earn as much as possible at any cost. It is in this endless race that many people begin to realize that they are not getting happier.

It is quite obvious that money cannot buy happiness. What else can't be bought with money? For example, the following 10 things:


Money can help you find power, but you can't buy love with it.

Money is just a tool of exchange. No more, no less. Money is needed to pay for a product or service. Convenience, comfort and luxury that come with money and do not guarantee happiness at all.

Many of us have to learn this lesson in a not the most pleasant way. The more money we have, the more empty we feel inside.


Money can buy influence. False beliefs and ideas can be promoted… yes, for a while money can take over and rule over reason.

However, no matter how much money is spent to hide and distort the truth, it will still come out. Sooner or later it will happen.


Every minute you live is time in your life that you will never get back . We are getting closer to death every minute. Yes, realizing this is sad and painful. Still, it's true.

Despite all the innovations in the world of science, there is no way to live forever. Rich people spend huge sums to prolong life. They end up dying around the same age as most people.

No amount of money will turn back the hands of the clock. You just need to live. Live moment by moment.


Abilities and talents that you are endowed with by nature are priceless. Yes, with the help of money you can develop skills, but no money can buy extraordinary thinking and abilities. They are priceless.

My health

Money can buy medical services and good medicines. You can't argue with that. However, if you have already lost your health, no amount of money will bring it back.

But you can take care of yourself, your physical and emotional health, even without special spending money.


The only way to find true peace is to learn to think in a healthy way. This implies the ability to accept the inevitable and find something positive in everything around you.

Your inner peace does not depend on how much money you have in your account. It all depends on how you manage your thoughts.

True friends

Money can certainly attract people who will want to talk to you. However, it is not a fact that they will become real friends. Real friends love each other and… what were we talking about money and love? This also applies to true friendship.

True friends are those who stay by your side in both good and bad times of life. They don't care what things you have or how much money you have. It is important to them what kind of person you are.

The ability to live authentically

Perhaps, the ability to live authentically is one of the most important skills . It is about the ability to live consciously and accept each of life's situations without judgment. This incredible ability cannot be bought with money. It is available only to those who sincerely want to develop it in themselves and apply it in practice.

The ability to live authentically, accepting every moment of life is a valuable gift. It is more valuable than any money.


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