There are already the first victims with blocked money in their account. The tax office is under surveillance without our knowledge

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The media have already reported about the first victims of the regulations related to the Tax Office.

 There are already the first victims with blocked money on their account. The Treasury is under surveillance without our knowledge

In July this year, the provisions giving the tax office the right to rummage came into force and surveillance of our bank accounts.

Only funds free from seizure are available

The problem is also that the tax officials do not inform citizens about the initiation of the procedure related to the control of the bank account. As reported in the media, there are already the first victims of this procedure, and more specifically the blocking of funds on the account.

As it turns out, the recipient's victim lives with his life partner, who is not of Polish origin. His remuneration for work therefore comes to the victim's account. It should be noted that the blocking of funds surprised her a lot, because she did not receive any letter on this matter.

As it turns out, the funds belonging to her partner on the woman's account can be donated by the Tax Office for who claims a lot of taxes – Blockade of a bank account is possible, e.g. pursuant to Art. 106a (3) of the Banking Law, i.e. when the Bank finds that its system is used to commit crimes or conceal benefits from crimes. The bank may then block the account and notify the Prosecutor's Office or the Police or another entity authorized to conduct preparatory proceedings – informs Super Express, citing another portal.

After reporting the case, the reader received information from the Tax Office that the notification was sent to her registered address, but Ms Iwona is sure that nothing of the sort has reached her. The account is still blocked, and the aggrieved party may have only the amount of PLN 2.2 thousand, which is free from treasury seizures.

Unfortunately, according to the new regulations, officials may scan our bank accounts without our knowledge. This proves that electronic means of payment do not actually belong to us and we do not have such control over them as we have obvious control over cash.

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