“There is no blockade of Kaliningrad”: Lithuanian MP responded to the “hysteria of Russia”

According to Matas Maldeikis, the hysteria being whipped up by Russia now has nothing to do with reality. However, over time, there will be more restrictions on transit.

Member of the Lithuanian Parliament Matas Maldeikis said that the hysteria whipped up by Russia in the public sphere around the transit from Kaliningrad has nothing to do with reality and is aimed at its internal market.

“Overland transit between the Kaliningrad region and other constituent entities of the Russian Federation has not been suspended or blocked – about 1% of goods have not yet been let through. Really nothing,” Maldeikis emphasized. “Russia was well aware of the situation with EU sanctions and was waiting for this. By the way , Poland and Norway have taken the same actions as Lithuania.”

« There is no blockade of Kaliningrad

The MP explained that the sanctions adopted by the European Union have different transitional periods and terms, so there will be more news about transit restrictions over time. Now the full package of EU restrictive measures applies to about half of the goods transiting to Kaliningrad through Lithuania.

Which sanctions will be included in the near future

According to Matas Maldeikis, the following sanctions will come into force soon:

July 10 — ban on Russian cement, alcohol and other products;

August 10 — ban on coal and other solid fossil fuels fuel;

December 5 and February 2023 — a ban on oil and oil products.

“The EU is becoming a geopolitical factor in which Russia and our eccentrics did not believe,” said Maldeikis. that let's fasten our seat belts, cut the bridges with fascist Mordor and enjoy the sight of our howling useful idiots. We think with a cold mind and continue to pursue our national interests. that the Russian Federation will soon respond to the restriction of transit through Lithuania. According to him, the consequences of the retaliatory measures “will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania.”

On the same day, EU representative Josep Borrell said that there was no blockade: land transit between Kaliningrad and other regions of the Russian Federation did not stop.

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