There is no end to rumors about Prince William's affair. There are mentions of an illegitimate child on the web


In 2019, the press reported on the alleged crisis in the relationship between Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate.

 There is no end to rumors about Prince William's affair. There are references to an illegitimate child on the Internet

to a split, as behaviorists and body language experts analyzed all recordings relating to the people of William and Kate. They showed Kate stepping slightly away from William, pushing him away, or taking his hand away from her.

Kate's ex-friend's child “evidence” of William's betrayal?

Speculation that he is having an affair with his wife Rose Hanbury's friends is still supported by all kinds of evidence that regularly appears on the internet. Now the media has heard that Prince William was the father of an illegitimate child, which he has just with his wife Rose's ex-friends.

Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley was born in 2016 and according to official reports she is the fruit of the relationship between the former model and the 24 years older Marquis David Cholmondeley. Is the girl the daughter of Prince William? One TikTok user says she has found evidence of this.

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Rose and her husband live in the town of Houghton Hall, Norfolk. This opulent building has 106 rooms. For Sir Robert Walpole, it was built in the 18th century. David eventually inherited it in 1990.


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