“There is no one for a special operation”: blacklists of cultural figures are compiled in the Russian Federation (surnames)



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      Requests have already been sent to the state departments of the Russian Federation to terminate cooperation with TV presenters Ivan Urgant and Alexander Vasiliev. They are offered to “repent” and publicly support the war in Ukraine. Director Fyodor Bondarchuk is on the list of those who keep silent.

      The “Group to Investigate Anti-Russian Actions” (GRAD), recently created in the Russian Federation, draws up lists of agents of foreign influence in the field of culture. At a recent GRAD meeting chaired by writer Zakhar Prilepin, project coordinator and State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov said that there is a “black list” of Russian cultural figures who either speak out against the war in Ukraine or do not advertise their position. It is reported by News.ru.

      According to Kuznetsov, the organizers of the Big Book literary award (for the best prose work in Russian) compiled a list of 100 people, including about a dozen people who openly spoke out against the so-called “special operation in Ukraine”; the list has a column for those who declare their position. However, the compilers emphasize that there are no those on the mentioned list who would support the actions of Russian troops in Ukraine.

      How blacklists of Russian celebrities are compiled

      “There are 100 people on the list of the Expert Council of the jury of the main literary award Big Book,” explained the deputy Kuznetsov. “A dozen of them are against the SVO, the rest are silent. And note, there is no one for the special operation”. /p>

      According to the official, this circumstance allegedly testifies to the high efficiency of pro-Western censorship in the Russian Federation.

      “To gather 100 people, among whom there is not a single patriot, one must try,” Kuznetsov said. Here are the black lists.”

      In the fall, a number of deputies of the Russian parliament, initiators of the GRAD project, intend to develop appropriate amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation in order to with their help, to put an end to the “spinelessness” of the state in terms of cultural policy.

      The other day, the leadership of the Russian Channel One and some state departments, including the Ministry of Culture, the requests were sent to terminate cooperation with a number of well-known persons. The authors of the request named the conditions for terminating cooperation with TV show hosts Ivan Urgant and Alexander Vasiliev, as well as director Alexander Molochnikov.

      In order to avoid dismissal, well-known persons are offered to repent and publicly declare their support for the so-called “special operation”.

      Which of the artists is against the special operation in Ukraine

      The “black” list, among other things, included: producer Alexander Rodnyansky, historian Alexander Arkhangelsky, director Lev Dodin, producer Konstantin Ernst, actor Danila Kozlovsky, who spoke out against the war.

      Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, journalist Anna Narinskaya, critic and literary critic Nikolai Alexandrov, director Pyotr Buslov are on the list marked “silent”.

      At the same time, the writer and political scientist Alexander Kazakov is of the opinion that you should not stand on ceremony with the “pests”, because if necessary they can mimic. According to Kazakov, there will be people who can replace the mentioned representatives of culture.

      “If necessary, they will put on masks of patriotism. But they can continue to harm,” Kazakov said at a meeting of the project. “They had a golden age, they wiped their feet on Russia. Now they began to understand that the golden age is over. They mimic.


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