“There is pressure”: Armenia responded to the call to join the Union State

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  • «There is pressure" ;: Armenia responded to the call to join the Union State

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«There is pressure" ;: Armenia reacted to the call to join the Union State

Armenian Security Council Secretary Armen Grigoryan mentioned that Yerevan is being persuaded to provide Azerbaijan with a corridor through its territory.

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On Monday, December 26, Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan stated that pressure is being exerted on his country in terms of providing Azerbaijan with a land corridor and joining the Union State. The Radio Azatutyun portal writes about this.

“This is a broad context, so to speak, in the context of supporting Azerbaijan in terms of obtaining some kind of road in the so-called corridor logic through the territory of Armenia. Armenia continues to resist this. By the way , I can clearly say that the escalation on September 13 is also connected with this, and basically this is the basis or motive for the entire crisis,” the Armenian politician described the situation.

Armen Grigoryan commented on the recent words of the Belarusian Ambassador Alexander Konyuk about the need for Armenia to join the Union State, consisting of Russia and Belarus. According to him, such statements are also pressure on Armenia and added that his country is a democratic state that opposes such things.

The politician also noted that every time Yerevan resists external pressure, it has to face with military force. At the same time, the Secretary of the Security Council did not specify which country he was talking about.

Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov reacted to Armen Grigoryan's statement, describing it as “provocative”.

“None of the Russian officials is he didn’t speak and didn’t bring it to the Armenian side through anyone,” Peskov assures.

More Focus wrote that Armenia expressed dissatisfaction with the CSTO’s reaction to the aggressive actions of Azerbaijan. During a meeting of the CSTO CSC on December 23, Nikol Pashinyan stated that the Russian Federation should clearly define its area of ​​responsibility.