There was a lot of spark between Anna Mucha and Kuba Wojewódzki. There was a sharp exchange of views

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Anna Mucha appeared on the couch at Kuba Wojewódzki's.

There was a strong spark between Anna Mucha and Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki. There was a sharp exchange of views

As the “Wirtualna Polska” portal reminds us, more than two decades ago, Anna Mucha and Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki created one of the hottest couples in Polish show business. Recently, Wojew & oacute; dzki decided to invite his former sweetheart to his program. There were sparks and even quarrels between the former partners. What about?

Anna Mucha on the couch at Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki's

Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki announced the appearance of Anna Mucha in his style in his program, saying that she was “one of the few actresses who saw him naked. During the conversation, there were also topics related to the current life of Anna Mucha. , both professional and private, as well as references to what connected her with Wojew & oacute; dzki in the past.

Wojew & oacute; dzki allowed himself such phrases towards his ex-partner as “darling” or “mouse”. Mucha considered it a manifestation of sexism. Kuba did not shy away from asking questions about Ania's current partner, her cooperation with Patryk Vega, as well as about the change that took place in her image. The previous “version” of Mucha was “old Ania, a chubby in sandals”.

A sharp quarrel

Anna Mucha tried to defend Patryk Vega, saying that he is a creator who does not close anyone in drawers, as evidenced by the fact that he first cast her as “sluts, then his mother”. Finally, the measuring cup changed and Mucha, clearly nervous, said to her ex-partner:

“You have not seen the play, you have not read the reviews, you have not gone to the theater with me, you have not seen the film,” M jak miłość “you don't watch and you … talk with me about my acting and what an actress I am. “.

Mucha o Wieniawie

During a conversation with Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki, Anna Mucha criticized her younger colleague – Julia Wieniawa. All in the context of the equal rights and lower wages women get for the same job as men.

Mucha said that it was very unfair that women get lower wages. She also considered the attitude of Wieniawa as unfair, because the rates are ok, because she herself can count on good money.

What do you think about Anna Mucha's presence in Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki's program?

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