These 4 effective ways to avoid a hangover

Nutritionist Kerry Torrents call 4 effective ways to avoid a hangover. Most importantly, before drinking alcohol to eat and to abandon the whisky.

Названы 4 эффективных способа избежать похмелья

The expert advises not to drink on an empty stomach. The best “glue” for the stomach are dairy products, cheeses, crackers, porridge, yogurt with a banana. Before the evening meal is to avoid eating chips, peanuts and other salty snacks that cause thirst. Fizzy drinks make you drunk faster, because they contained the bubbles accelerate the uptake and absorption of alcohol.

Brandy, whiskey and other dark drinks contain high concentrations of congeners formed during distillation and fermentation. These compounds exacerbate a hangover. The morning after the feast, it is better to start with a sports drink to restore fluid and electrolyte balance. At home it can be prepared, having dissolved in a liter of water half a teaspoon of salt and six of sugar.

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