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These American companies generate more than half of French internet traffic

American firms are successful with French internet traffic. A report places Netflix, GAFAM and generative AI in the lead.

For several years, the habits of the French in terms of internet consumption have clearly shifted towards the most influential players in global traffic. It is indeed American companies, and not French, which dominate internet traffic.

A report from the Autorité of Telecommunications Regulation (ARCEP), published on July 4, 2024, confirms these trends. Particularly revealing data shows that in 2023, 53% of internet traffic in France came from five major players: Netflix, Akamai, Google, Meta and Amazon. According to Arcep, this phenomenon is encouraged by the growing habit of watching films and series, as well as by the increased use of social networks.

Note that'à The American streaming platform Netflix alone represents 15.3% of the internet traffic of French users. However, this figure is down slightly compared to the 20% it represented in 2022. Just behind, the server operator American occupies 12.3% of internet traffic, recording an increase of 3% compared to the previous year. the year 2022. Google completes the podium with a 9.8% share of French internet traffic in 2023.

The report also addresses a rapidly expanding subject: artificial intelligence. According to the authority, this tool represents "a new entry point to the internet< /em>". It is mentioned that many Internet users mainly use the chatbot "ChatGPT" use OpenAI to access – various contents. New proof of the dominance of the OpenAI solution on the market.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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