These are the 20 new emojis that will soon arrive on WhatsApp

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These are the 20 new emojis that will arrive soon to Whatsapp

Since 1997 he showed up The first package of  emojis for a mobile was released to the public in Japan, these have evolved a lot. From their birth as small 12-pixel drawings to today's wide variety, 25 years have passed. And since then, there are more than 3,000 emojis of all resolutions.

One of the main keys to its proliferation is that, as the centennial translator Joan Marco assures, it facilitates digital communicationl and brings it closer to spoken communication. In other words, an emoticon can help us understand the tone, the emotion and the intention after the set of words. They are perfect substitutes for a mischievous look or a subtle irony in the intonation, since they help to understand “ saying something”, he concludes.  

Now, the Unicode Consortium has published the 20 new emoji and color variations that will reach users' digital communication services and devices over the throughout the next year, and which include agoose, a comb, and a shaking face, as Unicode explains on its blog.

On the part of the emoji, the standard includes musical instruments such as maracas and a flute; elements of nature, such as the hyacinth flower, a ginger root or a pea pod; animals, such as a goose, the head of a moose, a donkey, a gray wing, and a black bird; and objects such as a thick-toothed comb and a fan ; and gray, light blue, and flat pink hearts.

Also included is a shaking face and two hands, one pushing to the right and another one on the left, with different color variants, like this. such as the khanda symbol -a symbol of Sikhism, formed by two scimitars, a double-edged dagger and a disk, and represents the universal creative force- and the inalah symbol”. mbrico. Other additions include 4,193 ideograms in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and two new scripts, as stated in the Unicode statement.