These are the 3 thrillers that you cannot miss on the streaming service

We present three audiovisual proposals that have generated a great impact on the audience and continue to climb positions in the ranking of reproductions.

These are the 3 thrillers you can't miss on the streaming service

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Today we have made a list with three titles that revolve around drama and that are characterized by being captivating thrillers for the most varied audiences. Take note!


It is a miniseries directed by Jonas Åkerlund  and starring Bill Skarsgård, follows the life of infamous Swedish bank robber Clark Olofsson

The fiction is based on the truths and lies published in his autobiography. Its 6 episodes have the following synopsis: “The fiction drama series Clark narrates the life of the man who gave rise to the expression “Stockholm syndrome” when he seduced all of Sweden, who surrendered to his charms despite his charges for drug dealing, attempted murder, assault, robbery and lots of bank robberies.”


A psychological drama starring Ángela Cremonte and Javier Rey, accompanied by Manuela Velasco and Miquel Fernández. While the officially released synopsis explains: “A literature professor accuses a renowned surgeon of having raped her during a date, but he flatly denies everything she says about that encounter.” 

The 7 lives of Léa< /strong>

After finding the remains of a young man, Léa wakes up seven times in the 90s, in different bodies, to solve the mystery of his death… and prevent it. Lea travels through time and lives the lives of other people in different eras. Throughout her journey she tries to solve the mystery of the death of a young man with whom she ends up falling in love. Without a doubt, an engaging story that is available on Netflix 


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