These are the candidates to succeed Liz Truss in the 'tory' leadership

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These are the candidates to succeed Liz Truss in 'tory' leadership

The British Conservative Party opens this Friday a frantic campaign to find successor to the resigned Prime Minister Lizz Truss as head of the Government, although the opposition calls for elections< /strong> to end months of political chaos. After 44 days in office, marked by an economic crisis triggered especially by her own decisions, the conservative leader announced on Thursday his resignation. The 'tories' have devised an express formula in such a way that the nomination of the candidates to succeed Truss will end immediately. on Monday. On October 28, at the latest, the new conservative leader must be announced. The need to have the endorsement of 100 deputies will limit the contest to three options. Below are the main candidates.

Rishi Sunak

The former Minister of Financeand billionaire of Indian origin whom Truss defeated had warned of the disasterWhat would the economic strategy of your rival entail? After the defeat he has not made any statement, but his allies have begun to shake his profile again. For some conservatives, Rishi Sunak is the minister who brought to the United Kingdom from the covid pandemic, for others the traitor who stabbed the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson or the rival of Liz Truss who foresight warned that his fiscal plans would bring chaos. It was Sunak's dramatic decision to resign in July that triggered the a wave of resignations of ministers, which finally forced He forced Johnson to reluctantly resign from the top job in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson

There is a significant 'Tory' loyal to  Boris Johnson < /strong>what's up hoisting his return. Without going any further, shortly after Truss's resignation they claimed that the former prime minister was returning from the Caribbean to try his luck a second time. Its defenders emphasize The legitimacy of his mandate by sweeping the polls in December 2019. There are doubts, however, that Johnson, very popular among the bases, can reach the 100 endorsements he would need among the deputies, where he arouses loves and phobias. . Johnson leads the polls with 32% of the vote, followed by Sunak (23%), the defense minister, Ben Wallace (10%), and the lí of the House of Commons, Penny Mordaunt (10%).

Penny Mordaunt

The current line ;der of the House of CommonsHe had significant support in the previous primaries until the right wing of the party tilted the vote towards Liz Truss. This charismatic former Minister of Defense, 49 years olds, showed off her beauty. on Monday when he appeared She replaced Truss in Parliament to respond to the opposition, confidently defending the government's economic policy shift.

Suella Braverman

Her resignation as Minister of the Interior of Suella Braverman, rising star of the most right-wing faction of the 'Tories', and her replacement by Grant Shapps, one of the leaders of the revolt against Truss's tax reform, was the It was the latest sign that the prime minister no longer held the reins of power. She was also a candidate for Downing Street against Truss. A 42-year-old ultra-conservative, she had been appointed Minister of the Interior by Truss, in charge in particular of the issue of illegal immigration.

Ben Wallace

The Minister of Defense had decided not to jump into the race to dedicate himself to the country's security, but in recent days his name has resonated as a possible < strong>unit figure for the party. However, Ben Wallace, 52, seemed rule out this scenario, assuring that he wanted to continue leading the defense portfolio.