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These dangerous insects are settling in gardens this fall - "Now is the time to act to eliminate them"

“The outlook is not very good” according to experts. If we don’t destroy these insect nests right away, there will be dozens of them next year.

With fall, you have to expect rain. certain contrarieties specific to the season. The arrival of cooler weather after a long period of heat, the leaves falling, the trees becoming bare as a result… All this is conducive to the development of harmful insects. Beware of unpleasant surprises and consider addressing tree-related concerns by searching for a ‘tree removal company near me‘ to mitigate risks.

People who have a garden or live nearby; proximity People from the countryside know it: it’s time to protect ourselves from certain species, which are starting to attack. sheltered from the cold when entering our home or who have benefited from the mild temperatures to build adequate shelters in green spaces.

In several regions of France, first in the south, the southwest and the Atlantic coast, the most obvious threat is that of the Asian hornet. If experts on this insect have been warning about its spread in France for years, this fall of 2023 will in reality turn out to be more dangerous. crucial. “We are in the middle of a period whereù we see them clearly. ÇWe sometimes do around ten interventions per week”, explains the manager of Delta Guêpes 23, which operates in the Creuse, with France Blue.

“The increasingly hot summers will favor their lifespan. We will find nests until the beginning of December. In the southwest, they still find them in January. The problem is that if we don’t destroy a nest, it will create dozens of them next year, he adds. And in a more alarmist tone: “The prospects are not very good. “It will continue to increase if we don’t do anything more.”.

Disinfection specialists are unanimous and are sounding the alarm across the four corners of France. In Normandy, in Orne, Ouest-France reports that “the number of Asian hornet nests reported has increased significantly” increases” with more difficult interventions. The local newspaper points out ‘a situation which worries experts and residents’. La Charente Libre also reports ‘an unprecedented pressure exerted by this hymenoptera’ and quot; a threat never seen before” for bees, particularly around La Rochelle. The Republican East also mentions a “proliferation” never seen before in Lorraine.

The danger is real: nests can contain thousands of hornets and they can attack en masse if they feel threatened. Which happens often since you just have to approach it from afar. a few meters from the nest. Be careful, to destroy a nest, it is necessary to call on help. Trained and equipped professionals are imperative. And we must not delay, it is very important to dislodge the nests, which multiply from year to year if nothing is done.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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