These drugs were withdrawn from all pharmacies. You have to check your private first aid kits

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The Main Pharmaceutical Inspector decided to withdraw other drugs.

 These drugs have been withdrawn from all pharmacies. You have to check your private first aid kits

Portal & ldquo; Dziennik Bałtycki & rdquo; states that the updated list of medicinal products that have been withdrawn from Polish pharmacies.

The decision was made by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector, which is responsible, among others, for the Pharmaceutical Inspection, supervision over compliance with the regulations and conditions for the production of medicinal products, as well as cooperation with other countries' inspections.

In September, a lot of drugs disappeared from the pill for various reasons. Some are not applicable anymore, so you should also review your private collections.

 These drugs have been withdrawn from all pharmacies. You need to check your private first aid kits

These drugs are no longer available at the pharmacy

The list includes, among others:

  • Heviran antiviral coated tablets with batch number 10522,
  • Vitamin C Teva solution for injection lot number X05459A
  • concentrate for solution for injection or infusion called Amiodarone Hameln
  • Tadalafil film-coated tablets Aristo for erectile dysfunction, lot number 1462014C
  • G20076, G20077, G20078 series of Structum capsules used for the treatment of degenerative joint lesions
  • Lactulose-MIP laxative syrup, lot number 3139208

If we are not sure about suitability of the drugs we have, it is worth consulting a pharmacist or a doctor.

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