These few beauty mistakes can prevent you from building a good career


May 24, 2021, 15:11 | Business

Promotion on the career ladder can be hindered by certain beauty mistakes.

These a few beauty mistakes can prevent you from building a good career

Beauty trends of recent years tempt us and call for bold experiments. However, not everything you see on the catwalk or in beauty salons should be "carried" on office weekdays. This is just a part of the most common beauty piercings that can definitely ruin your career, informs Ukr.Media.

Too strong tan

It doesn't matter what exactly caused your skin to turn the color of a ripe orange – tanning beds, self-tanning or the wrong shade of bronzer. If you give the impression of a girl from the beginning of zero, know that you will not advance on the career ladder. Today's employers are interested in promoting people with taste, especially those professions that require communication with people.

What to do< /p>

First, wash off that creepy color. Scrubs and whitening masks will help you. If you still decide to use self-tanning, then apply the product only on the body, it is better not to touch the face. You can blush the cheeks with the right shade of bronzer, it should be selected with the same care as the foundation. The color should be just a few shades brighter than your natural and should be golden, not yellowish.

Unnatural eyebrows< /strong>

When eyebrows came to the fore and began to be considered the main accent on the face and almost the main accessory in the entire image, the number of girls of all ages drawing black forest bushes above the eyes grew to catastrophic proportions. Graphic, thick — they don't suit everyone.

What to do

Visit a specialist who will choose the right shape for you and remove all excess or, on the contrary, finish (or increase) what is missing. Have a sense of proportion, otherwise you will be misunderstood, considering too thick eyebrows not as a tribute to fashion, but as bad taste.

False eyelashes, lips, teeth, hair

It is wonderful if you know the weak points of your appearance and methodically correct them, bringing to perfection what was not like that at first. It doesn't matter to the employer whether your lips are natural or not, whether your eyelashes are real or their thickness matches your makeup, it is important for him to understand that you know how to look at things adequately and assess the situation soberly. In addition, in our society, the main stereotypes about girls with full lips and long eyelashes are the main ones – in this case, your bright appearance can be useful to other, less noticeable, applicants who apply for the vacancy or position you are interested in.

What to do

Ask a close person, but preferably a specialist, to adequately assess the degree of naturalness of your tuning. If something immediately catches your eye with its unnaturalness, leave it.

Dirty hair

This is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Think dirty hair is just dirty hair? No, the employer will consider it unequivocally and not in your favor: if she does not want to look neat at work, then it is not important for her. That is, she is not interested in work, then… Next!

What to do

Wash your hair. Point. Nothing to add.

Bright makeup

Bright lips, dark eyes, blush and contouring – in this form you can go to a party (but it's better not necessary), but definitely not to the office. Usually, in a working environment, such a look does not cause the slightest sympathy, even if there is no dress code in your office.

What to do< /p>

Wash off all these cosmetics and pay attention to pastel and natural shades. Milk, gold, beige, chestnut and so on. By the way, make-up in the nude style is also welcome, but keep in mind that it is still too “naked” there should be no face. Let there be mascara on the eyelashes, a barely noticeable blush on the cheeks, and a pleasant shade of lipstick on the lips.

Acrylic nails

Of course, we believe that no one does them anymore, and everyone has already switched to a nice mini-length, but not to say about this mistake would be wrong. Don't do this. Never. Long, shovel-shaped nails, even if they are bright red, do not decorate anyone and scare away others.

What to do

Visit a good salon, where they will remove this ugliness, and then make your nails beautiful. By the way, if you have short nails, you can paint them in any color.


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