These mistakes prevent you from becoming a rich person – check, you might be making them too


August 2, 2022, 14:33 | Business

The most common mistakes that prevent you from becoming rich.

 These mistakes prevent you from becoming a rich person — check, you might be making them too

Some people can't "break through" for years. their financial ceiling, despite the fact that they work a lot and develop in their chosen business. No matter what they do, there is no more money, it is barely enough for everything necessary, informs Ukr.Media.

If you look at the situation from the position of Transerfing, you can see a number of cause and effect relationships and discover 10 mistakes that prevent you from becoming a rich person.

You live without purpose

One of the main mistakes that prevent you from achieving financial well-being is living without an inspiring goal. When you don't have a specific goal, your motivation automatically weakens, you no longer have a strong incentive to get more money. You may not even notice it, but subconsciously you broadcast the following thought: “money is enough for life, and it's good”. You always have everyday affairs and worries, you have many micro-goals, for example, to make repairs in the bathroom or go to another city for the weekend, but there is nothing that would give you a charge of inspiration, energy and strength every morning, which "fired" would move you forward. Many people 'fall asleep' in his tight little world, day by day solving household problems and realizing micro-goals. In Transurfing, money is an attribute of the goal, that is, it comes to the realization of the goal, and if the goal is small, then you don't need a lot of money for it.

You don't "reposition your legs" towards the chosen goal

In the books about Transurfing, Vadym Zeland writes about such a concept as “relocating your feet in the direction of the chosen goal''. This means that it's a matter of just practicing, setting an intention and spinning the target slides with what you want to get. It is still necessary to carry out concrete actions in the physical world. Many people think that they are “adjusting their legs'': going to work, doing everyday things. But in fact, they do nothing to get closer to the realization of their goal. If you want to become a rich person, you need two things first of all: a goal that inspires and concrete steps that you will take towards it. For example, your goal is to open your own business, your own business. The steps in this case can be: training courses and conferences, development of leadership skills, obtaining an MBA degree, formation of start-up capital, networking, and so on. If you come home from work and lie down on the sofa to watch TV, what kind of business can we be talking about?

You are not growing as a professional< /p>

In any business, sooner or later you can “lean on the ceiling''. It seems to you that you already know and can do everything. Do not fall for this illusion. Real professionals, successful and wealthy people constantly invest resources in their development and improve their skills. Even if you have a narrow specialization in which you are an expert – think about horizontal growth, for example. Maybe you should expand your competencies, learn related professions or strengthen your leadership and organizational skills to become a manager. Provided that you are doing what you love, such an increase will allow you to increase your income and become a rich person.

You overestimate the importance

< p>If you constantly exaggerate the importance of money, that is, you are very worried when it is not there, you worry when you spend money, you try hard to save it, to keep it, then your chances of becoming a truly rich person are significantly reduced. Often, it is this mistake that prevents you from getting rich, as overestimated importance literally squeezes the flow of money energy. As Vadim Zeland writes: "Meet money with love and attention, and part with peace of mind.

You try everything save

Another common mistake of those who want to become a rich person, but cannot increase their income in any way, is the habit of saving on everything. Fast food instead of quality food, a minibus instead of a taxi, vacation in the country instead of a trip to the sea. Moreover, you save even when you seem to have free money. In this case, if you look at it from the position of Transurfing, you are telling the world: "I am ready to be satisfied with what is!". And the world agrees with you. That's why you keep hitting the financial ceiling again and again. If you start broadcasting: "I need more! I allow myself more", then you will open yourself to money energy.

You are not setting your intention for money correctly

Often, the intention is written: “I am a super-rich man!”, “My income is very high,” “I have a lot of money.” But all this does not work very effectively, since, firstly, you exaggerate the importance, and secondly, the wording is not specific. Be sure to specify a specific amount: “from… money per month”. Do not write abstractly. And don't forget about "From…" – do not limit the universe and yourself. Perhaps now the specified amount seems huge to you, but after some time you will realize that you have already "taken" this financial height and want more. Check your intention: did you write it correctly? Also, be sure to indicate your goal in the intention, do not limit yourself to the level of desired income.

You 'fall asleep' in problems and negativity

Another mistake of a person who dreams of becoming rich, but cannot break through his financial ceiling is the habit of focusing on negativity and problems. Yes, when something bad happens, when you have financial difficulties, when a promising deal breaks down or circumstances force you to take out a loan – it is difficult to keep calm and think about an inspiring goal. But it is necessary. Realize that right now, with your imaginary radiation, you can either correct the situation and change it for the better, or make it worse. Do not "fall asleep" in trouble, reduce importance, learn to control your attention and follow your broadcast!

You "knock" behind closed doors

Sometimes you can unconsciously enter the race for money and, taking the position of a wrestler, knock on all the doors. That is, you try to go forward and fight against the circumstances in order to get what you want at any cost. This is an ineffective position. Even if you manage to "kick down the door" and “get yours”, you will spend a lot of strength, energy, nerves and health on this. A person in the position of a fighter often achieves what he wants, but at what cost? At the cost of constant stress and intense tension. If you want to become rich through Transurfing, that is, the easiest and fastest way, watch carefully for the signs that the universe sends you, for new opportunities and prospects. Look for an open door. As Vadim Zeland writes: "Your door is the path that will lead to your goal. Spin the target slide in your mind, and then the external intention will sooner or later open the door to different possibilities. If on the way to the goal you get tired, lose energy, run out of strength, then this is not your door.

You are not increasing the level of personal energy

This is probably one of the less obvious mistakes that can prevent you from getting rich. At first glance, it seems that work with the body and energy lies in a completely different plane and has nothing to do with the monetary sphere. However, this is not the case. Only a person with a high level of personal energy can become truly rich and successful. Money is energy, and in order to attract it into your life, you need to maintain a high level of energy in yourself. The energy of money should pass freely through your body, without meeting blocks and clamps in it.

You allow old programs to control you

Many people who strive for a lot of money, in their consciousness, are on a completely different line of life – where money is not enough all the time. Why does this happen? Negative attitudes and old programs have power over them, with the help of which the system keeps them within its framework. In order to free your consciousness, it is necessary to “wake up”, take a conscious position and reveal all the negative programs, habits, patterns of thinking and behavior that still control you. Most often, they stretch from childhood. For example, the conviction that success can be earned only by long and hard work. As an adult, such a person stays late in the office and is the last to leave work, but for some reason money does not add up in his life.

So, the 10 most common mistakes that prevent you from becoming rich are the lack of an inspiring goal, the unwillingness to move to its implementation, lack of professional growth, excessive importance of money and the habit of saving on everything. And also — an incorrectly formulated intention, an insufficient level of awareness, a low level of energy and persistent attempts to knock on closed doors.


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